Pixar Pizza Planet truck loves to make cameos (10 Photos)

The beloved pizza truck from the original ‘Toy Story’ movie is hidden in every single Pixar motion picture except for Incredibles. True Story.

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  • moeshere Foxdale

    Dam I seen everyone of them…and never seen that shit…I'm a dum ass I'll cop to it…shit..

  • francisdurke

    John lasseter, the lead director or whatever at Pixar claims that the truck is in the chase scene at the end of the incredibles

  • Arvzky

    So……. The pizza planet truck went to life in Cars and then gets reprogrammed to become a normal car again in all the other movies?! PIXAR YOU MONSTERS!

  • Sarah

    OMG – Goes & raids the kids DVD shelf to check this out…..

  • + blitzkrieg

    you should do one on Red Apple cigarretes of Tarantino, they appear an all his films and few others.

  • Ian

    There were people who didn't know about this?

  • Mark

    Dinoco from Cars shows up in Toy Story 1.

  • Huey

    I see this and think of John Landis films with "See You Next Wednesday".

  • http://facebook.com/denzino denzino

    All that means is all the Pixar movies are shot in the same city. 🙂

  • http://zx12.co.cc/2011/01/17/pizza-planet/ Pizza planet | Zx12

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