ATM-WTF? (18 Photos)

  • hater


    • FullBlownStoned

      Meh is right…

      • obvi

        like a boss?

  • Anon

    Glad to see such a post, i was missing witty articles about ATM machines on Oddee…. oh wait

    • Chantelle Wollbaum

      I was thinking I saw most of these somewhere 2 days ago.. oh yeah, it was on Oddee…

    • PIN Number

      ATM Machines; Brought to you by the Redundant Department of Redundancy.

  • St.Christopher

    Control C, Control V, thats the way to go.

  • Huey

    Chase wins this contest

  • Flixer

    This entire post was on Oddee on Wednesday! WTF happened to theChive?!

    • Pufffdragon

      Nothing happened douche. The Chive troll through other sites so the rest of us who like it don't have to. That's what so great about it.
      Piss & moan elsewhere!

      • aleXTC

        Preach on brother pufffdragon. Let the word be heard

  • Robogentleman

    Apparently Batman and Superman use the same bank. ( #4 #5)

  • darthvehder

    Actually Totally Meh

  • McLovin' It

    #10 i always wondered where batman did his banking. chase just got some respect out of me

  • bored

    You should have included some ATM comics like these (second one slightly NSFW)

    • Derek Niemann

      I lol'd on the second one

  • Boris

    Didn't even give credit. Lame.

  • Cranklin

    #3 Machine to the left, bottom image, exposed boobies?

  • WTFever

    Ted Williams in 6 months

  • Steve Shaw

    #2 Holy shit, it's the black Kernel Sanders!

    • Locode


      A kernel is a piece of corn.

      • Steve Shaw

        My bad – but you can blame Kevin Smith for that. He kept calling him Kernel Sanders on his podcast and confused my small mind.

  • jack

    it's 10:30am and i haven't seen a gallery with hot chicks yet!…on a friday. NOT OK

  • mipo2010

    #13, sorry, I forgot to take my balance receipt

    • BloodScrubber

      ATM toilet paper dispenser…Hmmmm.

  • Patrick

    #10 is totally in West Lafayette for Breakfast Club. That ATM gets visited by superheroes, cartoon characters and dead celebrities every home game during football season!!

  • sad

    .. mourns the site that used to prolly be the best site in the world…

  • Rich




  • Rahm Emanuel

    #3 this could be the cutest photo ever…that is true love

    • SweetAwesomeness

      only a chiver would have noticed that…chive on mr. peepers

  • sadegs

    #11 is from Iranian bank…

  • Diana Santos

    #6 kids…that's the wrong one for you…here is the rigth: #8 ^_^

  • Dave

    Im sorry, but if I went to an ATM and this is what the screen read #15. I would die laughing. Thats greatness!

    • Locode

      I'd also want to pull all my cash from that bank immediately.

  • Moby

    #5 is dumb. Forgive me, I was forced to wake up far too early to do math, but this is still fail

  • anonymous

    You left out the American Psycho ATM that tells Patrick Bateman to "Feed me a Stray Cat"

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