• T-Diddy

    Major Douche!

  • Guest

    What an asswipe!

  • rawnoyz

    godzilla's pocket rocket.

  • 1C451

    For a 'bagette. The company you keep and all that…

  • Nate

    I am ashamed to be the same type of being as him.

  • b-b-b-b-bryan

    Don't cars with stereos like this as much as I use to. Thank god. I love how you can hear pieces of his shitty car vibrating. Car value: $1000. Car stereo value: $5000. Makes no sense.

  • cantkillcastro

    At least he'll be too deaf to hear the out of control 18 wheel jack-knife of death come skidding toward him and get out of the way…. hopefully this happens before he lowers the level of the gene pool.

  • Yo Mamma

    I need to get into the hearing aid business!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1649900148 Roger J. Breit

    Your dad was a wise man Wizard of Austin. This kind of douchbaggery is no different than smokers polluting indoor spaces. I don't have the right to a silent environment, but if I have a problem with hearing your car stereo while I'm inside my house it doesn't make me a hater, it makes you a douche.

    Chive on.

  • Dude

    You know, I could wire up a car stereo that sounds that shitty from parts found in a junk yard. it would cost less than this faggot paid for his shitty sound system. I bet I would pull better looking chicks as well.

  • upsgrrrl88

    3 years from now he'll be sporting a super hot hearing aid. Bitches love hearing aids.

  • Masschine


  • Anonymous

    I sence some jealousy in Bob the authors comment

  • stoneage43

    I sense some jealousy in Bob the authors little comment above this video.
    Just post the video without your "greatest thing since sliced bread" comment

  • Matt

    Please redo this and have her sit in there with a bikini on.

  • + blitzkrieg

    do you really think this makes listening to music more enjoyable?

  • Phil

    There's a better one, some guy in Hawaii has a rapist van with 4 massive subs like 15" each or something. There's a LOT of videos like this on youtube of it.

    • moop

      how about 30 18in subs going into a van? tops all other systems

  • bob

    whats douchey about this, theres nothing wrong with a sweet sound system

  • SmilingNotHappy

    Mentioning the female in the clip who's getting her hair blown dry . . .

    I think the phrase is – "She's smiling, but she's not happy."

    Hey, that's great – I'll see you here next week. Mention my name at reception.

  • Chris

    I see hearing aids in their future!!

  • Tonedeaf

    #1. There are many people in the car audio market who aren’t douchebags that bump their system at a red light or through a neighborhood in the middle of the night.
    #2. This is a fucking hobby, why do you care what he spends his money on, when he doesn’t give a shot about your spending habits.
    #3. It sounds ‘shitty’ because a mic distorts the sound because the subs are forcing air past the mic, like recording something outside on a windy day. Many of these cars have 3 times the speakers then thy do subs and it sounds very good in real life. Don’t judge unless youve really heard a competition setup.
    #4. Your ears are much more susceptible to extremely high pitched sounds, and not nearly as much to low tones. The subsonic sounds that a sub puts out actually do much less damage to your ears the stock tweeter in your car or a high pitched scream.
    #5. This is a hobby with many national competitions. Most of the people you are describing blasting through your neighborhood are the 16 year olds who just bought their first subs and don’t give a shit. They give us a bad name which is upsetting. But judging the whole lot due to that 16 year old up the street is ridiculous. Sweep off your own back porch and don’t judge people by how they want to spend the money that they earn.

  • markkens

    Taking the vibrating gear shifter route with the girls, huh DOUBLE-BAGGER?!?!?!?!!!
    Got to have something to make up for your tiny everything else.

  • Ronoc

    I bet dubstep sounds good in that car

  • hgh

    wow, all yalls comments are just retarded,
    this is called a hairtrick, and it takes alot of time a skill to have a sound system that will do it. this guy is not one of the walmart system bangers your thinking off.

    but yall be jealous some more now.

  • raolito1980

    nothing wrong here, why all the negativity, this is his hobby.

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