These sell stuff (34 photos + video)

this video will never get old…

  • Amber Sweet

    #11 is just like me, that's the reason why I can't do sit-ups

  • Seldi84

    #17 i couldn't agree more

  • Train2k

    #26 Honestly….. Ew…lol

  • northerner

    I saw NOTHING in that string of pics that was even remotely attractive until the last pic of the vid still of the bouncing boobs commercial. Her boobs were lovely and just right. The rest were, well, were the full gamut from yawn to yuck to fully disgusting. Sorry. I'm not a boob man. Don't have a breast fixation. Ya'll go right on and enjoy yourselves. I'll remain a leg and tush man with a nice garnish of B cups, thanks.

  • Daniel Burdon

    #11 #15 #28
    Do people actually find this attractive??

    • Forrest Herron

      I don't

  • TFBuckFutter

    If "real boobs rock" then why isn't the writing on her shirt level?

    And the Wired magazine article was actually pretty damn interesting.

  • just

    hahah I saw this every day but now they replaced it.

  • Mr Mehoff

    MOST are just shoddy over the muscle boob jobs which are hardly worth looking at. When will girls get the clue that if you are going to buy some boobs, spend the extra cash and get them done right. Under the muscle is much more real looking than the grapefruit on the chest mold.

  • cpt

    im sold

  • Vij

    #23,#31 are nice ones.

  • Forrest Herron

    I'll just go ahead and say it, some of those were just ridiculous. I'm a boob guy myself dont get me wrong, but theres a fine line line between big and freakish, and quite a few of these crossed that line.

  • Nickincollege

    I feel like having ice cream for some reason, can't explain why.

  • Don't even

    #11 #15 and #28 are just plain wrong. Way to take a nice rack and ruin if forever 😦 tsk tsk tsk..


    #26 is hot!! I would love to try and suck on 2 nipples or 3 at the same time, looks very yummy!!

  • >18Only

    #23 can sell me a bridge, cheap.

  • Jerry

    MOAR #10! Our existence depends on it!

  • less10percent

    Best commercial ever! Good job Nissan!

  • downfall616

    No more fake shit!
    #11 #13 #15 #28
    i agree with #17 and would rather have #30 above all else

  • Liam

    Sophia Innsbruck on the Left I believe

  • Always Last


  • jamie

    #13 Tupperware titties !!! Do not want !! 😦

  • Mardy

    This chick has great bOObs….
    Whatever she's selling I'm buying :O)

  • manuel

    #22 love it

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