Video game tattoos sure are permanent (34 Photos)

  • Dean

    #15, cut your fucking toenails and get a job.

  • Bob

    LAME, true gamers don't need tattoos.

  • inkedforlife

    #15 is fake,thats marker.

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  • Kimmeh

    #26 is absolutely adorable! 😀

  • Kevrobmc

    Terrible Dude! If they were done in a classy, artistic way then maybe. Some of these people look like douchebags anyway ROFL

  • Jonathan

    I don't know who you are people ti judge if others' tattoos are dumb or not!

    It's their choice, and their bodies, indeed! I think it's stupid to get your daughter's face tattoo on your chest, but I respect (and understand) your choice. Same as if you had your girlfriend's name tattoo on your back…

    Tattoos have a different for each and every person. I know a lot of these are not that beautiful, but who cares if it is or not, seriously!?! #18 is a big piece of art IMO, and I think it looks nice even if it's on someone's back!

  • Dazilla

    #34 is pretty B.A.

    • Timothy Parrish

      Too bad it's fake… Ink does not shimmer like that even with vasoline on it..

  • ntuttle42

    Some of these are just truly horrible.

  • BloodScrubber

    Tattoo not worthy. Screenshot….or it didn't happen. B)

  • Anonymous

    Check out this one.. Can’t say this is weak//

  • Timothy Parrish

    I plan on doing a nice montage of things.. Got inspired by this guy to do it

  • bornagainvirgin666

    #4 Skeet Skeet Skeet

  • Ross

    #26 – It's not pink….It's lightish red!

  • J.Cs

    fuckin crazy-Id go for the mushroom on 33 though

  • ruskoff
  • PabloD

    I usually would say that some people should not be alowed to procreate. But in this case i don't think we have to worry!

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