Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #42 stop the fucking presses…I mean it man..come the hell on with more of this…you can't do this…is'nt there laws….you fuck….hehe..

    • TheRealMe

      that picture is old as hell,
      I remember some random guy from a computer game that was impersonating that girl, like 4 years ago.

    • wtf man

      YOU NEED TO FIND #42 or it will be the end of the internetz

      • Your Mom (call me)

        jesus said you need to stop masturbating so much….and get a real girlfriend!!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    OK OK I just talked to my mother…and she agree's this is'nt right…She thinks I should meet her LOL

  • joeybeadz

    MOAR #8 if there was ever a girl to MOAR she is it

    • I know her name.

      Google Jenya D. have fun 😉

    • sofaking

      Sadly most of her pics are full nude pics so… kind of hard to get moar of her.

      • joeybeadz

        ……..yeah thats tragic

  • mikeydangerous

    #20, I want to go to there…

    • Jacknife

      That my friend is where the eagles soar.

      • denzino

        on a mountain high, where the eagles fly…

  • minnesota

    #34 – Hot or Not, whatever. Great sense of humor. Too bad you can't sleep with a sense of humor.

    • kaveman4130

      you can, but you wakeup laughing.

      • BloodScrubber

        you'll just end up … Laughterbating.

      • spacemaspiff

        U made me giggle man, don’t do that

  • lokiz

    #8 who is she?!?!?!?!

  • kaveman4130

    #32 #42 thanks

  • Ballzonya

    Margaret McPoyle / Thesy Surface…No need to justify anything…you're hot as hell. I can't believe how dorky they made you look for the show.

  • hater

    #32 FTW. Please, give her her own gallery.

    • Nick


    • tyler

      she is so damn hot!!!!!

  • Random

    I feel like a fool, but can someone explain #4 to me please

    • Chvr

      That photo is photoshopped, there is no shark in the original.

      • MacDaddy

        And sharks can't talk.

        • qwerty

          That still doesn't explain the photo.

          • minnesota

            The helicopter is just above water.

            • Just Sayin'

              Sharks only exist in chuck norris' fishtank.

              • admiralcackbar

                wtf does it have to do with costco

    • slippery pete

      you know how sometimes when you go to costco and there are sharks and shit. its just basically a friendly reminder to be careful when your shopping there, thats all.

    • Forrest Herron

      'Welcome to Costco', I don't get it either?

      • slippery pete

        nobody does. thats why its funny?

      • top dog

        Don't worry about it Gump…I mean Forrest.

  • acash

    Mas Watson, por favor…


    • Carr

      There's a nipple in that picture.

      • King Hippo

        Who cares. She's not hot at all. Thumb me down if you want, but she's not.

        • northerner

          Thank you. We did. And she is. You are entitled to your opinion. We hugely disagree.

  • St.Christopher

    The things I would do to this ass.

    • Uminy

      Um……..spank it?

    • jamesaholic

      The list of things I WOULDN'T do to that ass would be a lot shorter.

    • northerner

      Beautifully toned and shapely legs blending so scrumptiously into that gorgeous tush. Do so love fanny shorts. Rather cheeky, don't you think? That looks like a lovely total package…head to toes…

    • mclendonmeister

      #26 has perfect ass & legs.

  • Erik

    #8, #42 and #26 nom nom nom nom

  • chiver132

    MOAR MOAR MOAR #32 and #42

  • PJ Fry


    I love you guys.

  • Plex

    #46 ITS A GHOST CAR!

  • landomcdando

    #24…circle the shadow and not the reflection on the truck?

    • Damien

      no check shadow…

      • David

        No Check Reflection either….

  • Freddy Stylez

    #26 Shit.

  • Chvr

    *WARNING*: The Chive may be hazardous to your health.
    …at least for me, I forgot to breathe after seeing #42.

  • gecko


    • Pascal

      nice! a bimbo with huge fake plastic tits that don't move!

      • Jimmy C

        You know how I know you're gay?

  • darthvehder

    This was a good week on theCHIVE. A good fucking week.

  • Vince

    #9 god i love Mr. Bean. & #14 isn't solvable we have too many unknowns so i'd just type 80085.

    • Chris

      Well it is… but the answer isn't type-able on the keypad since it's only numbers. You could solve for x with the other variables remaining on the other side. But yeah… can't type it in.

      • CooCooCuchoo


      • jimbee89

        What if we set it to zero?

  • BloodScrubber

    #37 Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud.

  • Pedobear

    #8 is Katie Fey

  • Noway Jose

    #34, I wouldn't say that your are not hot but your rival is not Marylin Monroe.

    • spacemaspiff

      Noway Jose, Y U NO LIKE RIVALS

    • man man

      *Ding Ding Ding Ding*

      Congratulations! You've missed the joke! What do we have for him, Johnny?

      • Jhonny

        A big cock in his mouth. Or three.

    • neilan


    • Kyle

      Which reminds me… Shaddup. She likes the Chive, therefore, she's cool. Let her have a rival if she wants one.

    • Finn McCool


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