Grass skiing is the poor man’s real skiing (21 Photos)

  • BigtoenailD

    where do they even do this?

    • MigraineBoy

      Preferably mountains.

    • Kenny

      on a hill!!

  • Bobba Fett

    I gotta try this.
    Right after sand surfing and Dune sledding.

  • tommybhoy

    #17 They see me Skiing, they Hating!

  • kkuhlers

    This is right up there on my to do list… right after lawn mower racing.. but before keyboard fights

  • Griskaill

    Moar #5… moar!!!

    • uberbrie

      oh herro!

  • Bianka

    One word, people. ROLLERBLADES!!! '-.-

  • Charlie Makarov

    this site has gone downhill

    • Clint

      Haha, it's the kid from Grand Torino /

  • Kaelen

    theyre like fuckin tank treads…. FOR YOUR FEET!!!!

  • TheMan

    this looks kinda dumb

  • Drunkula

    Too bad I am poor AND live in Holland…

    • Gecko

      i take it, you have very little mountains

      • mick

        holland has NO mountains

  • Ryan

    Anyone know what these are called? Souther Skiing!!! Lol

  • Vince

    At $400+ for a decent pair, I wouldn't exactly call it a 'poor mans' sport.

  • tlaloc

    I think #5 needs to get photoshopped…

  • tsukushi_

    I'd try it.

  • TylerV

    #5 was so funny it got posted again- #12

  • Zoey

    I was hoping for a snowboard! (grass-board?)

  • Zoey

    #11 is gonna look good with grass-burns everywhere

  • Mark Cebrian

    #12 I'm not an athlete

  • steve

    And nobody thought to add the pic of the Kool-Aid man on these from the 90's commercial

  • crabby

    #5 wasn't so rucky!

  • Peter Brachwitz

    #12 Oh, herrooooOOwhoaAA

  • Slick

    Interesting, gota look this up now.

  • MikeofLA

    Mountain Boarding is way cooler then this.

    • dumdum

      Then that what?

  • Joe

    Call me when they come up with grass snowboarding 😛

  • Jenny Tailya

    #12 Silly Asian, skies are for white people! Then again… #13

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