It’s MLK Day, you could still use some motivation (25 Photos)

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  • scooby doo

    #6 is ROK Marines. Ask any of our special force warriors about them. Be my guest telling them they are at fat camp. We had to do 50 push-ups for a pocket unbuttoned. The ROK Marine got punched in the face for unbuttoned pocket. Ask the Vietcong about the ROKS.

  • NOUU

    #14 it's cnn so no suprise.

  • Juann Strauss

    #17 is Sexual Harassment Panda. Know your meme.

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  • wheelsbeatsfeets

    #3 This isn't a pic of me, but I understand what's happening here from first hand experience. I have a genetic disorder that causes walking to be extremely painful. I use a wheelchair if I have to travel more than 20 yards or so, as that (on a good day) is all I can tolerate. I am capable of standing (with some difficulty) if I want to reach for something on a supermarket shelf, rather than wait around for a random stranger to help. Thanks to this pic & comments, I now feel like a bit of a dick every time I want to be independent & shop for myself without assistance. So, y'know, thanks for that, assholes :*

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