• Ben

    0:51. Proof white men can't dance!

  • NickRob

    Epic Win

  • dude

    wtf why is there a 30 second add ON A 31 second VIDEO WTF?

  • WoogyMonster

    He stoled da show.

  • MMAN87

    The spirit of MJ lives on as strong as ever! 😀 Haha but gotta love that little dude in the corner who pumped his fists to the beat, he was pretty awesome too!

  • Slick

    That was positively epic.

  • Hitler

    Maybe he needs to go to Cleveland. Need to employ more "African Americans", especially on MLK day

  • Whiskey Pete

    Is that Turbo from Breakin 2 Electric Bugaloo?

  • llano2

    Who is Micheal Jackson? Kin to Michael Jackson?

  • SPY

    So, he didn't stop until he got enough uh? Now that's what you do with your minute of fame…

  • TooSlow


  • awesome

    fuckin awesome that kid rocks he killed it out on the floor

  • Joe M

    This was at a Charlotte Bobcats game when the Miami Heat came to town. I was at the game that night and it was the loudest cheer BY FAR. Everyone was going nuts over the guy.

  • iamwhoiam

    nobody was watching the fame for at least 5 minutes after that

  • CaptainObvious

    He's not the first kid to have a little MJ in him

  • Kay

    That kid just won at life

  • ryeguy

    Good job kid.

  • Mancuso

    Epic-est kid ever.

  • Shithead

    won't watch because of fucking goddamn ads.

  • G55

    The last several videos you guys post just say, "Video Not Available." I live in America! Everything is available! Even if it will kill you!

  • Alex

    hahah that was awesome!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/biscuitmd denne

    interesting that he wasn't even dancing when they put the camera on him… nice moves though

    • iamme

      You're hot

  • tater

    He had a v-8

  • Shoestring

    Way to play right into the stereotype white boy.

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