Leia thinks Luke needs more than the force to get him through this one (GIF)

Just found this GIF of raw footage taken of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill messing around on the set of ‘A New Hope’. It breaks the fourth wall for sure, but makes me happy on some small level.

  • FullBlownStoned


    • MMAN87

      Haha indeed. Its a nice light moment during filmmaking that we usually don't get to see. I bet they have a helluvalot of fun making those movies, cause they are sooo well done!

  • Grammar Nazi

    The title is right, it's more than "the" force, not more than to force.

    • this schmuck

      …just… turn your computer off… please…

  • Excal

    Beer sure makes me feel like I have the Force, though.

  • Chris

    would I be an ass for pointing out that's from "A New Hope" and not "Empire"?

    • captain morgan

      Chris, read below the title, it clearly states its from "A New Hope" and no, it doesn't make you an ass. Chive on.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      no just a fan-boy 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001668622772 Bobba Fett

    Now that's the real 'force'.

  • Cqcumber

    she's hot.

    • Ronny

      He is to. No Im not gay

  • tommybhoy

    There is a great disturbance in the Force…..must be my round at the bar

  • Jonathan

    This is in direct violation of the Imperial TC-1216 "Safer Spaceways" regulation .Every year thousands are killed in alcohol related space collisions.Is this what you rebel sheeple really want?!SHAME!

  • kkuhlers

    I'll drink to that…

  • K94

    So does that mean that X-wings have cup-holders? If so, that's just another reason why I really should get one.

    • Generino

      Sure they have cup holders, just like that cd-rom cup holder every computer comes with.

  • BigDingo

    Now just pretend you are Luke, you're on your patio, and she's wearing the slave bikini.

    • Cavall

      You can also try to pretend that SHES NOT YOUR FUCKING SISTER YOU SICK FUCK

      • Generino

        Ignorance CAN be bliss.

        • Just Sayin'

          Hey, luke didn't seem to mind in the first two 😉

  • fact

    By bringing him a beer, Carrie Fisher simply proves that at that time, she was the perfect woman.

    • JAFitC

      Well, no. A sandwich with the beer would have done it, though.

      • show_em

        Tits or GTFO!

  • turbosmurf

    the Force is strong in this brew.

  • Vince

    "Don't drink and warp drive"…

    "This is not the draught you are looking for…"

  • Debasteitor


  • tippy6

    Carrie Fisher = my first real crush

  • NeuroticMatt

    I'm gonna give this Jedi a beer.

    Jedis love beers.

  • Anon.

    In the new star wars movies, that beer is now made of CG graphics

  • Bob

    Good woman, men need beer.

  • MacNCheese

    Should've been Lando handing him a can of Colt 45, lol!

  • The El Conquistador

    Obviously not a German made X-wing, those never have cup holders.

  • Doug

    Does any one know what beer this is?

  • philiater

    "I am your lager".

  • Jedi


  • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

    No wonder r2 never makes any sense when he speaks!!

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