You asked for it, you got it. Emma Stone in HQ (22 Photos)

  • Madelaine

    She's beautiful with even trying.

  • POV

    She's a combination of that cute/pretty girl at high school, that was nice to everyone, was funny as hell, smart, talented and you never got tired of talking to. She's someone you take home to your folks and after the first meeting they tell you to do whatever it takes to marry that girl.

    From purely an aesthetics standpoint, she's no world beater. But dammit, she sure as shit gives the impression that she's as real as it gets. I could imagine a better future wife, but I don't think one actually exists.

  • northerner

    #2, #6, #9, #10, #13, She's stunning. Absolutely stunning. Beautiful face, legs, hair, tush, boobs. Total package of "gorgeous".

  • shithead

    this untalented bitch is fucking disgusting.

    • Matt

      I feel the need to chop off my own dick so my kids don't have to grow up in a world populated by ignorants fuckheads like you.

  • northerner

    #2, #6, #9, #10, #13, A beautiful woman. Gorgeous face, hair, legs, boobs, tush. A nearly perfect package….wow.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    She's really a pretty women…moving on up…

  • evan

    must be hard to find shoes that size

  • twat

    Emma Stone is gorgeous!

  • Kenny

    Thank you, Chive. #22 is my new wallpaper. Emma stone is gorgeous 🙂

  • Simon

    God bless you for #22

  • jkn

    #21 Thumb up! ;D

  • Matt

    I would marry Emma Stone in a heartbeat, Chive, please set me up a date with her, I'm counting on you and all your badassness to do this one favor for me. Chive on.

  • acheapgucci

    tight jeans——

  • joe

    1-21: i'm not really feelin' emma stone. #22: wow, i'm really feelin' emma stone!

  • top dog

    #4 Two words X two. Bend over, Touch toes.

  • Alan Smithee

    Thank you very much Chive! She's incredibly beautiful.

  • cheeze81

    #8 HOLY SHIT…….. 3 chocolate chip cookies for a DOLLAR!?

  • dja

    She's blond naturally so…

  • Bernardo Oliveira

    Chive, you read my mind! I was just about to send you a post request for her! She's unbelievably beautiful and sexy!

  • Sugreev2001

    Thanks Chive…I thought she was gorgeous in Superbad too.She's a great comedienne as well.

  • Pani Booyah

    Here's what I find Ironic. In the new Spiderman, she plays Gwen Stacey a blonde and not Mary Jane! Are these people tards or what? They did the same with Bryce Dallas Howard!! And put that pug faced dullard Kisrten Dunst as MJ.

    Anyway, she is beyond fucking hot!!

  • blover

    I'd like to smell her from head to toe after she had a good sweaty workout!

  • Mara

    My favorite actress since superbad, I have such a girl crush.

  • RazvanK

    Strong firm grip in #17 ! Mrrrrrrr 😀

  • Shanon Shaffer

    dissapointed! lol no house bunny pictures. =]]]

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