First class cabins of the new millenium (18 photos)

  • V4Vendetta14

    So where are the pro-green douchbags telling us to watch our carbon footprints? Meanwhile Al Gore would not condescend to fly commercial.

  • BloodScrubber

    And to think I only go to the airport to get groped by the hot TSA girls. Sheesh.

  • phil

    And since you'll have to sell all your limbs to pay for the tickets, sitting in coach won't be that bad anymore

  • funtclaps

    cool now you can plummet to your death in style

  • Neonjngl

    I believe only one image is from a private business jet. the rest are all commercial. Some, in fact, are business class, not first. Airlines compete head to head for the business traveler because that's where the profits are. Coach prices have been driven so low by consumer shopping practices and competition that the seats pay for the flight, if over 90%. Several airlines run planes that are all business, and some run the 380 with the upper deck all business and first. That's half the plane. BIG money.

  • Tyler Hobbs

    complete waste of money….

  • Grey

    Now we can all crash into a mountain in style and luxury!

  • jken

    #8 who in the hell needs to take a shower on an airplane?

  • Etta

    This piece was cogent, well-wrtietn, and pithy.

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