Hot social network girls (10 photos)

  • Jodi

    Hey everyone,

    I"m not sure what this site is
    but I'm photo number 6 and photo number 20.

    I did not authorize the use of these photos to be placed on this site.
    Whomever is using them is not me.
    No one has my permission to use these photos.

    If you are emailing someone regarding these two photos, they are NOT ME!!!!

    Someone has decided to pretend they are me
    And has duped you.

    I am trying to sort out a way to have them removed.

    • Butterface

      Jodie O'Keefe? Thanks for making it easier to figure out who you are.

      Are you 6 and 20 or not? It's hard to figure out when you say things like "If you are emailing someone regarding these two photos, they are NOT ME!!!! "

    • JHL1

      You know… you look marvelous!

      • Anonymous

        Is this for real?

    • Danny,hw ar u,take me in you life love,kisser frm afar..

  • Benji

    Lara (so where the bloody hell are you?) bingle

  • Rusty

    #11, I love you!!! Please call me!

  • JHL1

    #2 #7 #16 #23
    Pardon the slobber on my post…

  • Alldressedcrispers

    Don't judge me, but I believe #11 is pornstar Shawna Lenee.

  • Rob

    #2 is Lara Bingle, she's a well known model 🙂

  • melbscan

    #2 is Lara Bingle

  • AliveForTheChive

    # 11 is on my myspace friends list… haha crazy


    #3 makes those UGS look very UNugg.
    #10 just rocks my world.

  • BobSugar

    How did I miss this post?

  • Dave

    Please find more of #9

  • bill

    # 20 isamazing,love to see more of her.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • ZAGE51


    First black girl ive seen on the chive

  • Swarley

    #2 #7 #9 #13 #16


    i have seen all of them and now i want to fuck them all if any1 has any problem then she/he can call me on my number +919797140457. i will be wating for u`r call……………….

  • remix_

    #23 …….DAMN… MOAR!

  • Doctah

    #5 move over baby i cant see south park ^~^

  • bill

    wow #23 does it for me. awesome total package.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • keston

    #5 #10 #3
    dammmm girl's!!!!
    but #3 #10 u girl's look hot

  • Bonafade

    Nairobi kenya

  • Sanjeev Upadhyay

    you r very sexy

  • Rocky Rock


  • paul

    #2 is Australian model & C grade celebrity Lara Bingle

  • Perfect Girls

    The girl in the red bikini is sooow hot. Are there more threads about her or does anyone know her??

  • Rudy Andree


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