It’s Tuesday, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • me2

    where are the breasts

    • PWNT


  • bob

    Is this HQ? I wonder what LQ is…

    • Guest

      Pixel art …

  • wow

    Everyone of these is awesome

  • Duf

    #8 #13 #16
    Where the hell is these places? I really want to go there one day. Could be some nice travel destinations! Do anyone know?

    • Dufius

      That is me! I just created an acount!!!!

      • walkingdeadonline

        #13 is Machu Picchu in Peru

    • Why Not?

      #13 is Machu Pichu

  • Diana Santos

    f#ck…why i am poor? 😥 lol

  • Justin

    Number 13 is Machu Picchu, Inca ruins, in Peru, South America….that's all I know.

    • Dufius

      thanks a lot

  • Gern Blanston

    #9 must be bullshit, where is the run off running off from?

    • Ken

      Paradise Falls from the movie, "Up"

  • top dog

    #20, I'd build my home right in the middle of that little rise on the right.

  • Tyler Hendrickson

    #15 is a valley in the high sierras, i think its called deer valley.
    ive hiked through it, there were bears, not deer.

  • Why Not?

    #12 making love to a beautiful woman on a beach like this is awesome. you should try it.

  • Choogar

    Almost all of these pictures are by a landscape photographer named Michael Anderson ( He is easily one of the best landscape photogs working right now and spends lots of time in the Himalayas and south America. If you check out his site, each picture is listed with a location.

  • Ken

    All great, but #12 is really calling me this mid-January day in Colorado.

  • Lazarovici

    Hi Mantic, thought you might like to see our elitcras we’ve just published a review of NYCs best barbershops and have a similar feature on the classic barbers of London town too. Check out our NYC story here:

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