The world has its first billion dollar yacht (3 Photos)

The 500-foot behemoth, oddly reminiscent of an aircraft carrier, is called ‘Streets of Monaco’, and is actually modeled after the European principality. On the top deck will be replicas of famous Monaco landmarks like the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse, and Loews Hotel, as well as a fully functional go-kart circuit based on the Monaco Grand Prix. This thing is so stupidly awesome, it almost doesn't make sense.

  • yadda

    I don't understand.

    • Malachi Constant

      back to school w you-

  • Gzed

    nice computer rendering

  • Snowballz89

    Get to the CHOPPA!

  • Bob

    I can't believe you're all so bloody gulliable. They're a concept 'drawings', ergo; not real…and neither will this childs daydream ever BECOME real.
    Grow up and gain some intellegence before you breed our civilisation into a pool of dribbling idiots.

    • tater

      Meanwhile you can’t spell

  • walkingdeadonline

    Won't get built. These concepts rarely do.

  • dean

    whoever buys this should be shot. seriously.

  • ronnie


  • yd2

    Don't worry – no one is buying this yacht. Plans to build it DON'T EVEN EXIST!!! I am sick and tired of Chive posting this bull sh-t imaginary design crap.

  • Erik

    lol ill take a lifeboat thanks

  • Canucks

    Screw the boat, I just want the go-kart track.

  • Spivias

    i think its funny how ppl can have yacht bigger then my high school

  • Bigger picture OMG

    OMG you need to get more bigger picture chive

  • Chewbaca

    ummm. how many lifeboats?

  • Deadalready

    Looks more like a floating, tacky, tasteless casino. A smarter thing to do would be to construct some super colony ship just in case things go to hell from global warming.

  • Pete Ribaudo

    i am now in training to become a pirate.

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  • txtcat

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  • Mr_liqour_liver

    Billion Dollar Yacht and only 3 photos?….WTF?!

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