• omega


  • Necangelus

    I prefer glasses… His lids creep me out.

  • tommybhoy

    Am sure after 3ish hours of watching a shit 3D movie your eyes/eyelids would be in pain.

    Fuck 3D…i want holograms!!!!

    • Logic76

      Nekkid holograms!!

  • Benny


  • hater

    He could make a fortune selling those mini remote controlled vibrators…to watch 3D, of course.

  • bud

    PBR makes me see double…thats like 3D right? i should patent PBR

    • JHL1

      No you should buy better beer.

  • sheriff

    incroyabe les francais

    • Pat

      votre francais est terrible

  • Christophe Zehnder

    well…honestly? fake ololol

  • ckris King

    just imagine your controllers run out of battery charge and you have to go to a date after hahaha

  • Mike

    seems like its gunna be real hard being romantic with ya girl if you watch a 3d film with those things…still seems interesting

  • Sven Sic

    i think i prefer 2D movies to being electrocuted by mini-vibrators attached to my eyes :))

    • Drunkula

      I prefer 5D… LSD is one heluva drug…

  • Pants

    Looks safe to me. Where do I sign up?

  • A BiPolar Guy

    i don't think those things are vibrators. I think they emit micro-flashes of bright light that cause the rapid blinking of first one eye and then the other in sync with the monitor which is showing the picture from one angle and then another. That's why he spoke of synchronizing them to the monitor. The effect is that you are constantly seeing the two different alternating angles only from one eye each. woila! 3D! Rumour has it Apple Inc. has filed some recent patents that suggest they might be developing a TV to use an alternating image technique for 3d w/o glasses. Their method supposedly involves no device on the viewer at all. Supposedly a method where the tv is able to send out light at two slightly different orientations so your two eyes perceive a different image. Something like stereo for the eye. We'll see.
    I agree about the "lid strain" though.
    Oddly he described existing glasses as "opening and closing". Perhaps they use this active technique in France – very different than the polarized or two color passive methods we use un the US.

    Anyone know about that?

    • tazz

      lol ummm i thought i was on the chive site not bill nye..i think it was much easier when the others called them vibrators so im sticking with that

      • NickRob

        Yeah I def agree with Tazz on this one. you need to chill out. I definitely don't want a fuckin science lesson while i'm sitting at work. That dude was bad enough

        • ranD

          then stop reading fuck hole…

    • Jake

      um my glasses are LCD shutters. guess you don't know everything. Yeah I live in the US

    • MiPod

      The 3d glasses used in most cinemas are polarized. However, the 3d t.v.'s work in the way described above, where the t.v. flashes two images rapidly back and forth that synchronize with the glasses that shutter between opaque and translucent so that the image we see is 3d.

      As for the other people's comments, some people actually like to learn things. You might enjoy life more if you're a little less ignorant.

      • tazz

        derp de derp de derp

      • Sarah

        I agree – I appreciated the explanation
        I couldn't understand the reason why he'd want to make his eye's blink at such a rate as even in the UK we have coloured glasses as opposed to active display technology (I kinda understand the principle)

        However – biggest concern would be medically speaking;
        – Fatigue of your eye muscles for a 2+ hour film (did you not notice the length of time it took for his eyes to 'calm down' following ceassation of the devices?)
        – Secondly – you'd almost be inducing a stobe effect which could technically cause an epileptic fit (Plus the effect this would have on children and their developing optic nerve centres)
        – Thirdly – you try to deliberately blink your way through a commercial – you'd miss a good portion of the action (ok – not the same – but try it, you'll notice the blinks – Plus it would appear really dark)

        Interesting idea but will be panned for sure…

        • Twoody

          Your third point does not apply because it's effectively doing the same thing 3D glasses do…just without the glasses shuttering. But, I do agree with the fatigue issue.

    • Jeffzero

      As I read this post, the voice in my head had the same french accent as the guy in the video. Kind of distracting. In future posts, I think we'd all appreciate you not typing with a french accent. 😀
      Seriously though, thanks for the analysis rather that a dickhole comment of "derp it be fake.."

    • fsdc

      It's "voila!" not "wolla!" dickhole

  • Paz

    "I totally see a shape" LMAO

  • TurnaroundJumper

    Do people really think this video is real?? I laughed my ass off at the video and people's stupid comments about not wanting their eyelids to blink that quickly. Ha

    • ranD

      you obviously dont know shit about technology if you imediately must assume its "fake" because you dont understand it.

  • Sven Sic

    I just hope one day they will make a movie that good I would want to attach a vibrator to my face 🙂

  • U.N. Owen

    God damn that's stupid.

  • sham

    anyone else try blinking superfast after watchin this……cause i didn….

  • Hey Retards!


  • ibangahapa

    Does anyone else think this guy looks like Balki from "Perfect Strangers"?

  • edo

    what about falling asleep in the middle of the movie?

    and for all of those yelling "FAAAAKEEE", relax, it's tuesday morning

  • WoogyMonster

    Home chicken is one eye blink away from an epic seizure. Now I want to see those eyeball stimulating star trek gizmos synchronized with one of those uber bouncy gifs from the Chive.

    • joddio

      couldnt agree with you more, i've seen many seizures and well, this device doesn't look safe for people with epilepsy

  • Ricardo

    Can I say fail? Fail… yes, yes I can


    3D movie or frontal labotomy

  • Squid

    Im still laughing at how fast his lids are blinking!!

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