• William


  • Vince

    This i why I refuse to make the switch to 3D yet. The industry doesn't have it down yet, much less being able to standardize it. We're at least 5 years away from a solid quality, cost-effect 3D TV for the home.

  • Brah

    I don't care for when people scream "Fake!!!" but I don't think blinking like that is humanly possible. It'd be cool if they were getting closer to finally finding the technology, but that's just weird if it is real.

  • Anonymous

    That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

    I hope CNN and everybody else picks up this gag video and treat it as real…

    Great job!!

  • TheTruth

    ARGH, go to hell ads…

  • Cresencio Hernandez

    its soo funny you would think its fake, but this is real.. It looks so messed up

  • ryeguy

    This guys whole life is in 3D. Walks around with those things on his head all day, putting out his hands to feel breasts before he is actually near them..

  • Canucks

    Um… No thanks buddy, I'll stick with the glasses.

  • alex

    That 3D shape he was seeing was the monitor.

  • Rob Rodriguez Eduardo Jordan

    The guy is just having some fun. The video and the technology while interesting is just some fake viral marketing. The guy in the video, Vogel, did that "You" advertising for HP digital about 5 years ago. He’s the guy putting the picture frames around his head.

  • buuillis

    3D can suck a dick

  • CarlHasAPikaSuit


  • hold your colour

    brilliant idea, but it looks insane though

  • ThomasTheFrog

    If this was a blinking contest, then I Instantly won. In the future we'll have 'who blinks the fastest' blinking contests. Fun, hahahaha

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