• marcus

    You dirty bastards #2

    • facebook

      i suspect some photoshopping. =/

    • Gabriel Noronha Grecco

      Well played…

    • Bruce Bonsai

      Is this a new trend? What is this like theChive version of a Rick Roll!?

  • mrselfdizstruct

    Booooo!!!!! I was all like HELL YEAH….then I was all Like ahhh WTF Chive

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Now that is MY kind of woman! I would love to feel that stubble rubbing on my inner thigh.

  • daniel

    i was so excited… so fucking excited… (begrudgingly) well played

    • jason in pc

      total dick move there chive bros, totally expected it though.

  • Jordan

    At first I was like Yeah!
    But then I was like. HELLS YEAH!

    • Sheamus

      By far the hottest chick they've put up yet. Let's see a whole spread on this girl.

      She's got that "I'm so hot, I don't need to keep my hair on straight" look going on.

  • WoogyMonster

    You hawdons. I knew it couldn't be that easy.

  • prototyped



      Don't hate the playa hate the game

  • AFarrari

    We all just died a little bit inside, Chive.

  • mindnumbrobot

    He's got a nice ass, no denying that.

    • lloyd christmas

      he must workout

  • Jay

    I read the title, and answered to myself, " why yes, yes I would" and clicked the page with high expectations.

    You good sirs, have met those expectations.

  • Phelpsy

    thou chive shall giveth, and thou chive shall taketh

  • figurefour

    It's a fucking trap!

    • Jay

      We can't handle a face of that magnitude!

  • Danny P

    I'd hit it

    • Sailor Jerry

      There is not enough rum in the world.

  • Dom

    Well played…(tips hat)

  • wztarheel


  • charles

    welll welll welllllll look who the lil smartass is!

  • zman

    She is hotter than I expected

  • TIZ

    I wanna give the chive a high five right now! hahahahaha

  • Samantha

    This was going to make up for the lack of update on the app. Disappointment. Chive, I shouldn’t have put faith in you.

  • MikeK

    SUCK IT!!!!

  • Mike Engler

    Not cool chive… not cool!

  • Ouboet

    Omg what a babe.

  • edo

    it was too good to be true…

  • @withquotation

    classic. us chivers don't want to see the front. why ruin a good thing.

  • Dan Crowley


  • Fred

    pic 1 is what you bring home after a night out, 2 is what you wake up with the next morning

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