• @jsvb1977

    better him than a chic with tats

    • Anonymous

      Suck mah balls! Girls with tattoos are so hot

  • Diana Santos

    looooooooooooool xD that was funny ^_^

  • Mello-

    HA HAA

  • joeybeadz

    DAR better make up for this =(

  • coolstory

    Thats a lie as the arm tattoo would show up on the front shoulder as you can tell it goes over and the girl has tits in the photo that man has none. So cool story chive.

  • sirforsyth

    I should've known that was coming. =(

  • Adrian Williams

    Buy the looks of her, I'm going to need a few more drinks.

  • Dan Hewett

    my penis just got whiplash. you'll be hearing from my attorney.

  • mblook

    Finally, something good came of your mobile app being crappy! I did not have to see this until I got home!

  • Steve

    Y'all just wrong for that.

  • Unwavering

    I can't stop laughing… what a fuckin' let down!

  • 13ms13

    Damn! I feel like I got rick-rolled :@

  • Jonny P

    Post op or pre op?

  • Spacemanspiff

    I got owned

  • llama beans

    Probably has a 9 inch vagina

  • McBeastie

    two pistols and a sword is how I refer to my junk.

  • Not First

    This looks shopped…

  • EZEE

    On this day, January 18th, in the year of Our Lord, 2011, I hated The Chive. It was not, in fact, probably the Best Website in the World, but more likely than not, the worst.

  • mattythegooch

    Shave her Balls and Muzzle, and I'm IN!!

  • sean

    i no longer trust you… thanks chive

  • I am Name

    Well played John. Very well played.

  • 548skater

    doggie the only way to hit that

  • tag

    lol, hopefully the real thing will be just as good (if we get that chance) as the back

  • Kevin

    God damn it chive

  • ROGE


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