• Dennis Paulsen

    I was like Nom Nom Nom then I was like barf barf barf! Please find her, she is the hottest women thechive has ever posted!

    #1 FTW!

  • Kimmeh

    Shes a butterface D:

  • Jojoto

    Coño de su madre jejejejeje

  • Hero_ofthe_Day

    Well played Chive, well played

  • jericho

    I think her name is…………..Faye Runaway…..a porn star….not sure….

    • sd47

      Checked it out….not her. The tattoo is different similar but different….
      FIND HER!!!

  • Virulent87

    Bad kytty

  • Rick

    Thats soo wrong

  • Mikey

    That's not her! It's the wrong color bikini top!

  • timg

    Nice one !

  • crazy2


  • El_Presidente_

    So this is what a broken heart feels like…

  • Anon

    You must find her! please.

  • cuda

    fuck you

  • Alllll

    sword fight

  • John

    Yea, not funny. Not even a little, to the point where its pathetic in its attempt.

  • Ivan

    I knew it!

  • Timothy

    You bastards!

  • Kaelen

    …. ITS A TRAP!!!!!

  • jtatman

    I'd do her, just so I could say I screwed the two guns and a sword chick!!!

  • @24gino

    well done boys, well done!

  • @EricDLarson4278

    Bull shit

  • avidooo

    my spidersense was tingling a bit

  • Peter Brachwitz

    Goddamnit, Chive….

  • Leonardob

    arse halfs

  • martin_mcfish

    that hurt here and here *points at heart and head*

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