• Ortill

    hmmm… so what your saying is FAP FAP FAP

  • Justin Michalski

    Chive WIN

    Oh,… did somebody already say that?

    how about, "what's my dad doing on there!?!?"

  • Sven Sic

    well played, sir. well played.

  • gofast480

    shes hotter with her hair up

  • Kay

    I should have listened to Admiral Ackbar on that one. He told me not to click it… because it was a trap

  • Jacob Cotter

    fail city. you couldnt find her



  • Locode

    that's the entertainment at a chive after work party.

  • molka100

    lets just leave the backside pic and never talk about this again…

  • Yelito

    I love the chive…maybe too much…but today….fuck you!

  • Ronniew Civella

    whomp whomp whoooomp 😦

  • kaiser_sose1357

    That's so bullshit.

  • Zee

    Chive, you won the battle, but not the war!!

    Imma find this chick MYSELF!! Take that, Chive! yeah!

  • Pani Booyah

    Im never going through Chive sober again *shudders*

  • ngomes12


  • moeshere Foxdale

    Go stand in the corner ass wipe….LOL

  • GI Chiver

    I hate you, John! Now….FIND HER!!!!

  • smoose

    Beauty is only a light switch away

  • malmon

    scrolls down slowly… BOOM!

  • Grey


  • seb

    I hate you

  • brck

    Okay now that you've had your laugh show us the money shot plz 😀

  • Maa

    no way!

  • Lucky

    HAHAHA I'm laughing so hard right now. you fucking bastards lol touche sirs touche

  • Nicheal21

    you suck!!!

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