Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • toby

    #9 thank GOD it's not her #10

    • Anonymous

      That ass is TOO GOOD to belong to a face like that!

    • mipo2010

      Yes, thank god…Even if she was hot that stupid juggalo necklace would have killed the whole thought

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1506462155 Dan Crowley

        After the post earlier today my day was going down hill.

    • captain obvious

      # 10 and # 30. catch my drift ?

    • Phondo

      You guys realize that the real girl WILL show up eventually — and she WILL be disappointing.

    • JPC

      So where exactly is that giant star on her neck in the picture that was supposed to be the front?

      And I don't see anything resembling those flames on her forearm in that picture either.

      • JPC

        Ah, forget this comment. The picture is mirrored, duh. Left is right, right is left…….. Man, that was stupid.

        That means the guy who sent this in deliberately mirrored the image to make it look like it was that chick. Lame.

    • Pumpernickel


    • funtclaps

      fuck you guys i'd bang that girl any day.

    • lufc

      Am I the only 1 that thinx 2 pistols is a DOG

  • destin

    #38 roflmao. well done

    • spacetrader

      Nah, that's just wrong.

    • Jim

      Dangerous!!! Veeeeerrrryyyy dangerous!! But soooooo worth the risk!!

    • Cold In Washington

      How many great porn titles start with just that premise? You sir, could be a hero to many.

    • Your Mom

      I hope her dad's on here…..she def doesn't look over 18.

      • D.C

        daughters daddy must have done the old facebook backround check when this turned up

        • wasd

          thats what i was thinking

      • Boris

        Her tits do!

    • GFHunter

      was she drinking while babysitting?

  • Shitfaced

    Oh DAR, you got a chuckle out of me yet again.

  • Random

    #43 – awesome sideboob

    • Bryan

      We need a whole sideboob gallery post! Chive, make it happen ASAP!

    • yoo

      that's what i was thinking

    • MJR

      Please post this in HD… I need new wallpaper!

  • Ben

    Just looked at this while taking a dump, my day is now perfection

    • Josh


    • Brocephus

      How does this not have more thumbs up? Pooping and DARing are like a slice of heaven on earth…pure magic

    • + blitzkrieg

      please, tell us…. is it everything you pictured it like?

    • Lauren

      What a coincidence, I was dumping too!

  • Anakrusix

    I was drinking water. I read #23… I was choking on water I laughed so hard.

    • Anakrusix

      I guess that will teach me to drink and chive.

      • Anonymous


  • topher

    That's a really sad existence to whoever figured that one out. #30

    • ohOK

      Sounds like you're gonna try it.

    • Jeremy

      Stop playing on the chive and go hook up some wires, slacky.

      • confused

        wtf r u talking about

    • Your Mom

      Actually it was your dad's idea

    • walkingdeadonline

      Engineers are smart, lonely people with a lot of free time.

    • Tristan

      your dad figured it out, he didn't want another gay kid like you

    • Catch

      Even owning this, you still couldn't get any.

    • Guest

      It's better/less messy than the couch's cracks or a hole in your teddy bear
      not to mention the smell

  • OnlyInAJeep

    thank god #9 is NOT #10!!!!!!!!!

    • OnlyInAJeep

      ok before the smart ass comments come in. i know i said the same thing as the first guy. go ahead chivers and let me have it LMAO

      • Mike

        Actually, I am glad you did this – really. I was getting worried that I couldn't thumb the first one up more than once. Now, the problem is solved. So thank you.

  • Long Duck Dong

    #15 is hilarious!

    • Brad

      could you read that?

      • Ken

        "This might be inappropriate, but the light on your right knee makes you look like you have a very long penis."

    • rackers

      actually thought it was a real dick for a second…gotta read those comments well…

    • reelinaround

      this was my favorite!! i thought it really was a penis too for a loong sec!

  • brad

    putting all my faith in the Chive.


  • chrisdg74

    #16 – WTF? Did she EAT the dwarfs?

    • zman

      No they ate her but dopey was only 17..legal age is 18 in never never land

  • ClamSlayer

    #30 That thing is what they call a fifi in prison only they make it out of towels……..so I'm told.

    • Catence

      Desperate times call for desperate measures?

      • Catence Fan!!!

        Catence When are you going to do a post? I want to give my new poormans Fleshlight a try!!!

        • I like Pizza

          kinda creepy….at least you didn't say "find her chive!!!! MOAR!!!!!"

        • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

          I agree. Post Catence

    • the prison guard

      i work in a prison. we find fifis all the time. this is an actual thing. they are made of various things but most contain a latex glove of some sort.

      • Ex Con

        The blue medical gloves work the best

    • dumdum

      fifi? i better rename my cat.

      • Jen

        military boys overseas make them too. I have seen a DIY video where they removed the cardboard center of a TP roll, put a condom in there and some lotion, stick it between the mattress and have at it. ya do what ya gotta do, i always say.

  • jtorresfuentes

    #30, please explain

    • Shitfaced

      That, my friend, is a fake pussy.

      Have fun with it.

    • feeley

      homemade flesh light

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      change purse.

    • Not First

      You're an idiot.

    • Josh


      • zman

        Hope those are new sponges, imagine the stds you could get

        • jtatman

          I don't think you're going to get herpes from a fucking sponge pal.

          • Catch

            You don't know where it's been….

            • Boris

              It would also be tough for the herp to get through a rubber glove, maybe?

          • dontstop

            that is really fucking funny

  • Trolololo

    So childish, but man…. I haven't laughed out loud like that – at work – in a loooong time. #15 Nice cock, girl!

    • jtatman

      I wish I had a cock like that chick does… Can't say that I've ever thought that before…

  • Joel

    WTF is going on in #44 ???

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      i dont know, it looks sunny.

    • 2857

      its always sunny in philadelphia – some sort of behind the scenes shot. taking a picture of danny devito taking a picture

    • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

      ITS ALWAYS SUNNY! Check it out thursday nights at 10pm on FX!! be there!

      • LukasS

        I like its always sunny. But I hate Mike Engler.

    • Seven

      little too much wine in a can

    • George

      DeVito posts lots of pictures of his feet in different places. I think he calls it his "Troll Feet" blog.

    • Jonny

      Danny Devito was on the View once, drunk. He whipped out a pic of his toe for the ladies. The man is a dude.

  • Knuckles

    #38 not even caring if she is of legal age…in either case really…

    • Your Mom

      And that's why your name describes the only thing you'll be having the sex with….in prison

      • Josh

        Or that sponge thing…lol

        • BloodScrubber

          Box of wet wipes and a squeegee in Isle 3 please….(clik)

      • bob

        with tits and a body like that … she's automatically fair game.

        • Your Mom

          absolutely…..for a pedophile. I thought i raised you better than that bobby

          • Zoey

            I was wondering how this picture was obtained…

  • Brad

    #44 At Victory Brewery/Restaurant in Downingtown PA??

    • jeffrey dahmer

      who is it?

    • Andrew

      Not Victory. It is 100 yards from my house and I worked there last summer. That room is not any I've seen. I do wonder where it is though.

  • doubtful

    #9 None of the tattoos in those pictures match. She has a star on her neck with no sleeves, then in the picture with the sleeves there is no star on the neck…

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      you can write, but can you read? wtf?

    • Brad

      no crap Sherlock, we have established this already…

    • CST

      Top picture is a mirror image.

    • doubtful

      I don't mean match to "Two Pistols" girl, this chick obviously doesn't match her. But I mean the tattoos in the pictures here showing Sexylette don't match.

    • emgee

      Hmm…ever think that it's possible to add tattoos?

    • Gibbo

      I almost agreed until I took a closer look.
      The 1st & 2nd image are mirrored. You can tell that the necklace charm is reversed. Yes I know that could probably rotate, but then have a look at the stars and the points on either side. The star on the right in the 1st pic has a short/fat pointer to the right, but this is on the left in the 2nd image showing that it's a mirror. This is why you can't see the neck or arm tatts. The 2nd & 3rd images are from the same perspective


    Damn, still laughing at #15!

    And #45…is my dream girl!
    Now thats a real woman!
    Take a good look you goddamn pedophile, build of a 13 year old boy, crew cut, bag of bones, Emma Watson loving little boys!
    Ha haaaaaa….SHABA

    • femtrooper

      Big boobs don't mean shes not bones. She's just as skinny.

      • IRIEWAY

        Her boobs weigh more than Emma Watson's entire boyish body…your argument is invalid!

        • McBeastie

          Can't we have both? I think there is room enough in my spank bank for Emma Watson and #45

          • McBeastie

            why is that thumbed down?

            • HANK

              Because if emma watson ever got into my spank bank I'd have bad news for myself. instead I've got some pretty bad news for you…

              • McBeastie

                That I like women? That might be bad news for you….not that there's anything wrong with that…but it's not for me.

              • McBeastie

                the bad news being that I am attracted to women of a variety of shapes and sizes? not that bad of news for me…you on the other hand……

    • gatorwolf6

      Brooklyn Decker is amazing, this is a bad pic though.

    • Mr F

      Shut up.

  • mipo2010

    #16, Kate Gosselin dressing up as a cop to arrest a chubby Snow White to bring her back home to her 8 dwarfs…Priceless

    • Jules

      Very nice connection you made there:)

    • LOL

      #40 please find her, she is super hot.

  • ISU Birds

    #10 Makes it seem so epic.

    • Guest

      I saw this chick on Redtube 2 weeks ago. Positive match on the back leg tatoo.

      • Ramblin


  • 50-50

    My day is worth getting up for bc of the theChive…

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Clean has waaay to much spare time on his hands… #30

  • randomhero1218

    #14 and by painted he means photoshopped

    • who knew

      That ones been around the interwebs for years also.

    • ben

      and by friend he meant someone on the internet that he's never met.

  • tippy6

    I despise cats… I really do. #17

    • Urban

      Me too. This picture is my nightmare.

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