Hottie makes a double decker pizza burger (30 Photos + Video)

We invited our good friend and host of Feast On This, Melissa Pfeister, over to theCHIVE offices and told her to make something insane. She did not disappoint.

Check out the video of Melissa creating this monster in our extra cold kitchen:

  • damon

    It was the part where the big boob blonde injected a 10 lb. burger with nacho cheese that I fell in love ❤ #14

    • Malachi Constant

      the food is disgusting, but I'd bend that bitch over the counter-

    • Locode

      that's natcho cheese!

    • Giggitty

      She was cooking?! I could get my eyes off her tits

      • moe

        She has tits?! I couldn't get my eyes off that double decker pizza burger

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Surely no-one can top that!

    • Frank Drebin

      Of course We can top it, And don't call me shirley

    • Ron

      Check out EpicMealTime on Youtube. They make the most insane meals that make this look like an appetizer.

    • MovieGuy

      Well it seems like you haven't seen this!

      Here's their youtube channel –

  • mipo2010

    Damn, you would need some heavy duty fiber to push that through

  • Mystery

    # 29 God bless 'Merica!

  • Yaknow

    Please let me inject something.

  • tippy6

    #18 Coupla tasty treats right there! Yeah, I guess the burgers too…

    • WhiteVanMan

      she looks like the kind of woman that would stab you in the middle of the night

      • Luis Pedro Gonçalves


        • Fishy

          No shit that's funny right there.

    • Ortill

      in Mexico she would be a queen….. does mexico have queen's?

  • Jason

    #18 — giddy up

  • lando

    how is her sammich making ability? #4

  • forrester

    #29 the flag is a nice touch.

    • Ryan Chase

      'merica !

  • j-man85

    #7 those are nice…..meat..

  • Pete Ribaudo

    i believe the saying is why buy the cow when the milk is for free?

  • @EricDLarson4278

    'Merica, fuck yeah!!

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    #29 Serving this for dinner next time Biggest Loser is on.

  • Dunny_

    "hot beef injection"
    "I put this shit on everything"
    "Wanna try my pie"??
    I don't know which quote is my favorite.

  • shamshe

    #7 is my fav picture!

  • GTO

    Look closely…… #18…..nipple

    • shamshe

      good find! hehe

    • TheDarkKnight

      Hmmmm….. nipple

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves


    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      It must be very cold in that kitchen because she's wearing a bra and you can see her nipples

      • jason

        those shirts are meant to be wore without one. i'll be money she's not and why you can see straight through it.

  • Lau

    And not a single person survived their heart attack that day.

    • Lau

      Hmm so there are two Lau's now, looks like I have to make myself a new name or this could get confusing.

  • Ollie

    This thing just gave the Bic Mac a good ol fisting…Dry

  • pat

    whats the champagne for?

    • McBeastie

      If the burger doesn't kill you…pop the cork and celebrate.

    • BaJezzus

      To wash it all down with….ba durr!!

  • Emt

    marry me…NOW

  • OnlyInAJeep

    i say she gets her own post!!!! thumbs>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Justin Hall


  • OwnerOfYou

    This is a rip-off of Epic Meal Time. I still love the Chive.


      YES. YES IT IS.

  • kaveman4130

    yea man, cuz the head is wrecked.

  • Locode


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