Hurr Durr Derp (23 photos)

  • fatlizard99

    #16 who is dis

    • grk71

      Looks like Michelle Trachtenberg's head shopped onto some random chick!

  • edo

    #10 Alice the goon!

  • kualjo

    What do you get when you cross a horse and a duck? #10

  • Norbert Zalog

    Reminds me of the lady who backed up into my parked motorcycle… The thing dragged about 2 feet before the kick stand caught and the whole thing fell over the kickstand side (this is hard to do). Then she claimed I set her up…. -_-

  • rofled

    #12 – I know both girls in that picture, the one on the left has a man voice (really deep) but has an amazing rack.

    The one on the right is an awesome chick to party with and is hilarious.

  • Zee

    #17 Skillz

  • Huey

    #5 – Lauryn HIll just get weirder and weirder.

  • gbody

    #10 I hope you have plastic surgery on your face (at least that is reversible).
    #18 I have never seen a hillbilly caterpillar before…literally made me LOL

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #2 that's just wrong…I bet he lost all that weight…I would after that night…LOL

  • grk71

    #10 Ladies stop doing this shit you look like idiots lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    it burns and itches bro
    burns and itches!


    #16 MOOOOOOAR!!

  • CC101

    Beg to differ Mike Englar, I think its more like a…
    #23 Male Driver after seeing #16

  • shane
  • Darpodip

    Lol shane's pic easily beats #16

  • shitderp

    Where is #10 's eyelashes? That is CLEARLY marker! Well my point is it is HIDEOUS

  • Lauren

    #2 I wish I was the blonde chick, I'd love to be with that brunette :/

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