More young actresses that transformed before our eyes (36 Photos)

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  • Mr Loveit


    • O-H, I-Uh-Oh

      you're a champ

    • jackt

      lucky you

    • Bruce Bonsai

      They completely forgot about Kristen Bell circa "Panic Room" then to "Welcome to the Rileys"

  • Bobby Gosbee

    #36 – Jennifer Connelly is so beautiful, smokin hot body too.

    • Catch

      She used to be, before she ruined herself with plastic surgery. Looks like balls now.

      • its_forge

        She hasn't had any plastic surgery. She lost a lot of weight after the 90s were over.

        • rdh014

          Bullshit…she had her breasts reduced. So did Christina Ricci…
          Still, though…she's the most beautiful woman in this otherwise meh post.

          • its_forge

            No, she merely lost some weight. If you lose weight the boobs are the first to go.

            • downfall616

              her hands look like a bunch of snakes

    • clay

      She is beautiful, but I can never look at her the same after 'Requiem for a Dream'.

  • todd

    Just saw this a reddit… hmmm….

    • Thetruthhurts

      yea, without reddit and izismile the Chive would be short on stuff to post.

    • Guest

      welcome to the internet

      let me explain : filtering out reddit crap according to target audience of the chive

  • yup

    #8 – I be like damn

  • Naz1962


  • aousx

    It blows my mind how Scarlett looks amazing every single time. #18

  • ISU Birds

    #18 Oh how you mock me but you just wait someday you will be mine.

  • Josh

    I could do without this entire post. I don't want to see these hotties when they were little girls it just reminds me that they are someone's daughter….i prefer to just objectify them as adults.

    • Bobby Gosbee

      If that is where your mind goes then you need to work out some issues, nothing wrong with seeing how someone looked when they were younger, you dont have to imagine them naked…do that to their older versions.

      • Vince

        Yea… after all, if Queen Amidala could get over knowing Anakin when he was 6 yrs old…

  • figurefour

    #32 – Coke isn't the only thing I like about this picture.

    • Tyler Hobbs

      and the socks…. like wtf…

      • Lisa_Martin

        I didn't even notice the coke machine, or the socks, and I'm not even male. I did notice she's got a very nice tattoo…

        • HANK

          Well it's the only thing I like about this picture and Im not even a coke drinker

  • AR Groan

    Mischa Barton and Kirsten Dunst? SICK. Shame on you chive.

    • Erik von Markovik

      i nominate drew barrymore for that list

      • downfall616

        i second that

  • charles

    #36 that's the best picture you could find of Jennifer Connely? you didn't try to hard did you? she's a stunning woman with TONS of great photos. i'm very disappoint!

    • AngryOldMan

      Totally agree. That woman is so fine she'll make you ugly…

  • MJoker

    #20 Omg! My favorite Transformation of them all

  • Phred

    #20, major bewbage!

  • aleXTC

    i don't know who #24 Odette Yustman is but holy hell that girl is smokin

    • Nickincollege

      Yeah… thats not her. ^

    • Gezza

      Major Failage!

  • Catch

    These galleries are always missing Addison Timlin, the chick who shows her ta ta's in the new season of Californication.

  • aleXTC

    sorry i mean #20

  • Vince

    It's Natalie…FTW !!! #2 (certainly not her best pic, though)


      Need to get your eyes straightened buddy.
      Natalie is damn nasty.
      Looks like a dude

      • awesome

        I think you have killed off too many brain cells buddy. She is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. You are def in the minority.

        • IRIEWAY

          I consider being in the minority a good thing! Most people are dumb and have little to no individualism…forcing them to follow others.
          I dont care what most people think. Most people think Little Wayne is an artist.
          Unless you have vision problems, you can clearly see that she is nasty…especially in that picture! Most beautiful in the world…that is just plain laughable!
          btw, loving Bob Marley is not about smoking weed. I do not. I love his positive message, his talent, and the way his music makes you feel.

          • IRIEWAY

            gotta agree with 'ya man; i love how most most of 'em bitch about preferring "real girls", and how the ones who are waif thin need to "eat a cheeseburger", but then when it comes to natalie portman and emma watson it's "MOAR". LOL WUT? natalie portman even said she has a body like a little boy. hawt?? and don't give me any of that 'attracted to their personality' shit, these people don't know them.

            • IRIEWAY

              Very well put good sir!
              Its obvious you know the Chive well, and have figured out the typical Chiver.

              • Guest

                yeah, it's called "Group polarization"

                To me Milano #30 has always been the best,
                well maybe not in that movie with Arny #29 …

                • Guest

                  What am I saying Arnold is the best #29 FTW!!

  • Jeff DeBoer

    #22 What the hell is going on in this picture? 😉

    • CPO_Mendez

      Does it really matter? It's hawt!

    • Zembobway150

      I think it is supposed to be a Yin Yan

  • Brah

    Whoa, #33 and #34

    Somebody had a nose job…

  • Dunny_

    #34 yummmmmy….

    • Larry

      totally my favorite hot chick

    • its_forge

      Poor dear has no hips at all. Beautiful, beautiful girl, but no hips.

  • mith

    #14 Just looking at her makes me want to slap her for just being. Then go scrub my junk with steel wool and paint stripper to keep from getting some nasty STD.

    • Roscoe

      Wow. I've been crushing on her forever.

      • HANK

        She sucks

  • Muffin

    They must have photoshopped all of her body hair out of that one.



  • Popsicle Pete

    I don't know #20. Google, here i come!!!

    • timmy

      u wont be dissapointed!!

  • Luke

    Where is the rest of #12 please

    • Joe6Pack

      Why? That ditchpig doesn't belong on here in the first place.

    • Joe6PackTheCar

      Why? That ditchpig doesn't belong here in the first place

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