More young actresses that transformed before our eyes (36 Photos)

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  • Giulio

    #8 is stunnig


    Will never understand dudes that think this girl his hot. Looks like a dude in this pic

    • awesome

      "yucky"??!!?? Who says that? I think I found out why you don't think she is hot – I have some bad news for you.

      • awesomer

        shut the fuck up awesome. "I have some bad news for you", what are you, a 13 year old who thinks he's a BAMF because he smokes weed and wears his baseball cap backwards while throwing up side-ways peace signs?

        • hehe


  • awesome

    Alyssa Milano…….the first page ever in my spank bank! I'll show you who the boss is!

    • Guest

      SHE'S THE BOSS!!!

  • Pooper

    def #20 i agree with MJoker. very nice!!

  • Airwalktdk

    Michelle Trachtenberg, Scarlet and Natalie Portman are defintly the best of the bunch!

  • Alllll

    Dang!!! Mila Kunis was a scary freak! lol

  • misschris

    Can we please have an Evan Rachel Wood post? She is so sexy!
    Christina Ricci deserves her own too – you guys definitely did not get the best picture of her!

  • Rich

    #4 FTW…

  • Sebastián Nullo

    #32 MOAR

  • top dog

    #14, Thats sassy, I like sassy women, And she don't have big feet. And I also love Angelina Jolie, #24 cause she is sexy, I like sexy women too.

    • Htownpunk

      Unfortunately Angelina Jolie appears to have the personality and sense of humor of a lobotomy victim.

  • jtatman

    Now now… you forgot Emma Watson!!!!!!

  • iamqueensboulevard

    coulda thrown up kristen stewart

    • its_forge

      Except she has the figure of a stalk of corn and the personality of a plastic mannequin and the face of a mud fence.

  • Beldezar

    Ilike Reese's pieces #16, but I like Alyssa Milano's all over #30!

  • bbh

    90% of chive = Reddit reposts

    • its_forge

      WE CARE.

  • The Chivery

    yeah? and so is the pedo-bear meme. RETIRE IT ALREADY! (pedophilia is soooo funny rofllololololololololololol)

    • Pedobear

      Love is no laughing matter.

  • steve

    with all the creepy sh!t you have on Emma Watson, you dont give her any love here?

  • mikee

    #16 I still cant look at reese witherspoon the same way ever since i saw family guy make fun of her chin….

  • tag

    #16 I go crazy for Reese Whitherspoon!

    #18 Scarlett is gorgeous too

    #2 Natalie Portman has grown on me lately, but someone beat me to her! (damn ballet dancers!)

  • PWNT

    #28 Gross.

  • Joe Podplesky

    #34 MOAR? why yes please

  • Lisa_Martin

    #18…drop dead hour glass figure.

    And Brooke Shields? Blue Lagoon? C'mon…gotta have her as a beautiful baby…

  • its_forge

    #10 does no justice to Miss Trachtenberg's bosom, which is wondrous and vast; she's a slim little woman with gorgeous c-cup breasts.

  • thatsright

    Chive did a much better job on this one than on the 1st try

  • keithisonfire

    #26 …ummm….no….

  • beth

    no jessica biel???

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