Sexy scene girls, or emo girls, I can’t keep them straight (27 Photos)

  • Dangerfield

    love me some scene girls ^.^

    • I'm not creative

      To be honest: How is this categorized under "Hot Women"???

      • yoo

        two words: boobs

  • V.A.

    Not too old, most of them, are they?
    Having said that…. Yay for #6 and #25, #26.

    • Billy the Accountant

      may not be too old, but apparently scene/emo girls have big tits

    • Willy

      Not that I'm complaining… but all of these seductive creatures seem to be built to go.

  • Grey

    #25 gets my vote.
    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. My kinda girl.

    • Malachi Constant

      I would fuck #11 so hard her mother would cum…

    • Odnarb

      Im am now deeply in love with this girl ❤

    • MMAN87

      I am with you all with way, good sir. She is the runaway winner for sure^_^

    • tnt


  • Anjin-San

    OMG #6

    • help_the_web

      how do u post comments with the picture in the box?

  • Dan

    #3 wins!

    • kdtc

      I whole heartedly agree.

      • @valorikx221

        Yes. Them titties be epic.

    • XOS

      bitches hair and makeup look stupid, but them titties are all i need..nicccee…

    • Shithead

      My first pick!

    • Wayne Jackson


  • ERIC

    HOLY JESUS #10

    • @The_Scofield_

      Yeah, Find her, please!

    • Charlie Cheen

      She may be hot but her sideways duckface makes me RAGE.

      • Dingus

        We need to come up with a name for the 'sideways duckface'. It's not as bad as a full-on duckface, but it's certainly not helping.

        Long live the subtle lip bite!

    • guest


    • dizzle

      I concur

    • john smith

      more of her please!

  • Dan

    #9 and #22

  • petewhip

    #2 its always more fun with a choker

  • mRn1ceG13


  • JoeYi
  • tommybhoy

    #12 #10 These two are simply stunning

    • Ely

      Daaayuum Right

    • quintus

      At first I was like, #10 is definitely the hottest girl I'll see today. Then I saw #12….

      • 6655321

        I thought the same thing.

  • davey

    #9 ftw

  • tracerdown79

    Please no more damn duck face girls there have to be enough sexy girls out there without those

  • gaver

    i would hit 'em all, one by one at a time

  • me2

    #2 and #9 get my vote duckface or not…

    • denzino

      what is wrong with #2 's eye?

  • yoru

    Just love #6
    It's a pity she didnt check if her tatoo meant something in French (cuz it actually doesnt make any sense ;))

    • T-Boz

      It actually means "Lamoureux did something to me", Lamoureux being a family name. I really doubt she has had the capacity to research this, and simply though it "cool"

    • Ruth

      It means love's right in front of me!

    • Numa

      Actually "L'amoureux" means "the lover" and "me défont" can have several meanings like "untie", "unmade", "fall apart" and is conjugated in the plural wich is a mistake because "L'amoureux" is a singular name…
      Class is over, see you tomorrow.

      And sorry for my english, I will try to not tattoo myself…

      Greetings from France !

      • Numa

        Oh and "me" means "me" or "myself"

  • thegecko

    #9 WOW!



      • ogdann

        ashton von

        • Guest

          Negative. That's Susan Slaughter. Of Ghost Hunters International

    • mike

      your so adorable

  • Ichibankakoi

    MORE of all….

  • Aaron Archambault

    gotta go with #12

  • nicolai242

    this is not awsome chive, this is f'ing epic!1!1

  • John

    Is this another troll post guys? Did you intentionally go out and find the nastiest looking sluts and posers you could? I say this post deserves a redo with actually hot girls this time.

    • TheDarkKnight

      Someone decided to drag a $50 through a trailer park to see what they could find I guess…


    • jpop

      lol, the post is called hot scene and emo girls, this is hot scene and emo girls. "actual hot girl"…raga-ma-shaga-ma-boo-shame-on-you.

  • aaron

    wait no #19 mmm bubble gum

  • Error404

    Excellent photo-bomb

    • he-man

      the ugly one got to stay in the back…

  • XOS

    #9 and #25

  • Thomas Narcisi

    #10 duckface forgiven 🙂

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