• Kabosh17

    love this site

  • Will Moog

    I thought that was pretty lame until the open court body check. That's a "hello" Gordie Howe would be proud of!

  • Chris


    • Mr. Wilson

      Thanks for clearing that up, Chris.

  • JPC

    Staged "beat down." The "unruly fan" is a plant. Duh.

    • qwertz

      No shit, really?

  • Keith

    Don't f*** with the pedo bear.

  • Chris

    First of all they would never lead a guy who's about to be kicked out on to the court. Second Utah is a bunch of pussy mormons who couldn't kick a ball. Third they confirmed it was fake.

    • Chris is an idiot

      You're an idiot

    • Semper

      This is why I hate living in Utah. Because dumbasses like you always ask "ARE YOU MORMON???" when they find out. You idiot.

      • tater

        Are you Mormon?

    • qwerty

      Ignorant fool.

    • Whitnasty

      Seriously. So annoying.

      I'm just going to pick every place with a concentrated religion and instantly stereotype everyone who lives there as that religion.

      What, what's wrong with that?

    • Chris can Suck it

      Your not from here, you dont know jack shit, go fuck yourself you stuck up douche

      • Jen

        shut up, mormon!

    • i smell a tard

      i take it a mormon pissed in you cheerios this morning.

    • you are wrong

      actually i have seen more than a couple people kicked out from NBA games that are sitting in lower sections and it is much easier and safer to take them down to the court and out through the tunnels down there. rather than taking a angry person through a crowd where something else could happen.

      • Cody

        Why don't you post a pic of yourself? I smell weeeeeeeenie hommmmmie……Do you even play basketball? Come to the mormon state and get your ass kicked

  • Chris

    4th, is there still Cleveland fans? HAHAHA

  • jkn

    remenber kids, tamed bears can attack to.

  • wtfman

    I don't know what's going on there…

  • its fake
    • joshdyk87

      Lol, Seems pretty reputable. Its a 100 word article, the only proof the offer are the words "its fake". Then they make a stronger argument for lack of cav's fans and the future of the bear in football. It's real.

      • you are retarded

        you really think security leads unruly fans out by going onto the court??? You are an idiot. I don't get why people can't accept it. It's like we just told you there is no Santa Claus……it's no big deal…'s still funny, but 100% fake.

  • BigDingo

    5 out of 5 Chivers hate the Dead Space 2 pre-video advertisement

    • Creed Braton

      the games cool, but the ad would freeze constantly and not load. and no, I have fast internet.

      • Chiver Bob

        Sounds to me like you guys need to add Ad Blocker Plus to you FireFox and like me you would no longer even know this site has adds

  • denzino

    the guys have been stalking my facebook page… I posted this video earlier today… Well played Bob, well played. 🙂

  • Jon

    boom, this is epic

  • Brandon

    NOT FAKE I WAS THERE!!! 2 Sections over I have season tickets! As you can see in the video the ball retrievers are escorting the contestant players away from the court! Dont hate on the bear!

    • JPC

      Yes, the fact that you were there makes it real…… In the sense that it is not all CGI, you are correct.

  • Creed Braton

    who gives a shit if its fake. its hilarious and awesome! why do people always have to ruin awesome things with their need to accuse it of being fake? just enjoy it.

    • NickRob

      Thank you! Seriously can't people just chill the fuck out. Or are they just so pissed sitting in their parents basement they have to denounce everything as "FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE" get a life and let me enjoy this Mascot beat down. Also, I still hate the Jazz cause of Stockton and Malone (yes I live in Chicago) but they just went up a little in my book.

    • jeff

      Your fake… Creed Braton… FAIL

  • tards

    fuck these ads before videos, just have pop over like youtube or people wont even watch this shit.,


    • Replying to tards

      Or you can sit there for the 30 seconds it would take to do this and not be an ADD spaz.

    • Peter Dexter

      or instead of taking the time to copy the title, open youtube, paste it in, confirm it is the correct video and begin watching it. you could learn to DEAL WITH IT and sit through a 15 second ad. you dont like the chive making money, dont come here. simples

    • Creed Braton

      or you could watch the 10 second clip. personally, I will just watch the clip rather then going to youtube and then searching the video. plus Dead Space is AWESOME!!!

  • llama beans

    We used to call that move in elementary school a "flying iceman".

  • One Cavs fan left

    If its real, there will be a lawsuit soon enough. Regardless, just an awesome shoulder block at mid court

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Bear's don't have the right to sue in court, and that other guy has no cause of action.

  • Alan

    Gonna go ahead and call fake on this one

  • brownje

    that was a waste of time

  • Da Sandman

    yeah probably fake.. i've never heard of a security team that leads a fan that's about to be kicked out on the field…

  • YouKnow

    America should be proud they don't really have hooligans or agressive fans. Apparently the fans in the video don't care much for the sign, but if you did this at a footbal match in the Netherlands, people will seriously kick the living shit out of you.

  • jaredallas

    I love this, but yeah, when you watch it a few times, they're definitely acting. The security guards meander toward their entrance before anything really happens, the guy flops like a kung-fu villain, and the mascot didn't get in trouble for assaulting a fan … in David Stern's NBA. That said: still awesome.

  • TylerV

    OMG I HEARD THE SAME THING! beat me to the post. bravo

  • MMAN87

    Haha this gave me a good cackle this morning

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