• JPC

    Have to love the idiots giving thumbs down to anyone who points out that this is CONFIRMED FAKE.

  • Phred

    Yeah about the Netherlands… Holland is just Germany without the shame.

  • jeffrey dahmer


  • Bob

    Owned by a bear, hilarious. Guy should have just chilled out..

  • Nate

    I think its fake, despite the anticipated thumbs down I will get from this comment. Still funny thou

  • Diana Santos


  • Steve

    This shit's all staged. Why would security take the unruly fan across the court…really. Some kid tried to run on baseball field and got tazed. I expected better out of The Chive.

  • Matt

    I live in Salt Lake. They do things like this all the time at Jazz games.

  • dangerblond

    this is why you are stupid america, stop watching these shit

  • Slick

    Jazz mascot kick's ass.
    Too some of the obnoxious posts, I live in Salt Lake and although I'm not Mormon, they are great people with strong values. Don't flame people for their beliefs, it makes you look extremely ignorant… although I wouldn't doubt you are.

  • john dory

    u dont know where i've been lou

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