We MIGHT have found the front of ‘Two Pistols and a Sword’ girl (3 Photos)

Over the past few days, the photo below has become one of the most viral pics on the internet. The tan, tatted hottie is known only as 'Two Pistols and a Sword Girl.' There's been wild speculation as to the girl's identity (We even had a little fun with it yesterday)
But last night, one of our users emailed us a photo of the girl anonymously. He says:

This is the 'Pistols' girl. She has had more work done on her 'sleeves' since the photo was taken. I do not wish to reveal my name. She is dating a very dangerous man. The tattoo on her back reads, "I lie for you, Abdul, I die for you."

Now, the front of this girl is never going to live up to our imaginations but this chick is just... not hot. Chivers, it's up to you to confirm or debunk this theory. Is this the 'Two Pistols and a Sword Girl'?

  • that guy

    It's that Sexylette chick, look her up.

  • guest

    she has an icp necklace on…fail

  • jrod

    no way not her

  • Akil

    I found her face pic- trying to put a link up but can't

  • Akil

    Here is her face and more shots – http://lacasita.tumblr.com/post/2844560717/gun-gi

  • Anonymous

    thats not her. look at the fore-arm tats. then look at the beach pictures. something dont add up!

  • magic1asso

    Not a very attractive face. Fantasy ruined.

  • Butterface

    Good job, Akil. It's a Leonid Kazarin photoshoot.

  • bobertson

    the colors in her left sleeve aren't a match. rear view has red in it, front view has no red. Also, on the bottom of the left sleeve it ends evenly all around her arm "that we can see". in the front view it does not.

  • Denysjoe

    The boobs and the hip are the clue. Is not her. The real "Two pistol and a sword" girl has a terrific body, but with those tatoos, she leaves me flat.

  • Eric

    NOT HER…The boobs in the main pic are bigger then the one that showes her face…and the upper are tats do not match…The " face " pic is of a Japanese art…the " Ass " pic is of graffiti art of some kind. Defiantly not her. Good thing though…this " Face " pic is a let down lol

  • Danny M

    the gal is cmpleately diff, there is two posts n this n on other has an ACTUAL side shot! top of left arm tat is cmpleatly diff and thos tats on the juggaletts arm aint just been dun there 2 sessions each so at bare minimum u loking at 4 month but with setteld colour bout 10 month.

  • Juli

    not her, she dont have stars at front, i have more pic and frooont 😀 you owe me BIG BOX of chocolate, here you go: http://fishki.net/comment.php?id=82545 front is hot too 🙂

  • Shawn

    No way!!! Look at the other partial frontal view. This one's boobs are way too small and face does not match at all. http://thechive.com/2011/01/20/found-two-pistols-… PIC #7

  • Payce

    Nope, the chick in the bottom pic is Sexylette. Google that ho.

  • elbruces

    Doesn't have the forearm tattoos.

  • Dread Pirate Roberts

    hair on upper bicep tattoo is different. girl in bikini tattoo: hair is pulled back. girl in jeans tattoo: hair is flowing

  • ronbo

    It is not her, the tats on her arm are wrong. Yes they are of a nude girl but they are not the same. And the face is not the same from the one side view. The first girl looks good, not so much the second.

  • jhfdkjsd

    i don't think she's that ugly, and i love the fact that she's a juggalo 🙂

  • Yamac

    definately not!!!!

  • nielst

    check this out…this is not her…looks at her boobs from the side http://www.dailybase.nl/babes/sappige-kontjes-40/

  • Anne
  • http://facebook.com/cbarksfullout Cbarks

    face fail- DISAGREE! Face does not even matter with a body and tats like that! SEXY!

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Great bod, but she's a jugaloo, those bitches are assholes like their male counterparts.

  • Bastard
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