We MIGHT have found the front of ‘Two Pistols and a Sword’ girl (3 Photos)

Over the past few days, the photo below has become one of the most viral pics on the internet. The tan, tatted hottie is known only as 'Two Pistols and a Sword Girl.' There's been wild speculation as to the girl's identity (We even had a little fun with it yesterday)
But last night, one of our users emailed us a photo of the girl anonymously. He says:

This is the 'Pistols' girl. She has had more work done on her 'sleeves' since the photo was taken. I do not wish to reveal my name. She is dating a very dangerous man. The tattoo on her back reads, "I lie for you, Abdul, I die for you."

Now, the front of this girl is never going to live up to our imaginations but this chick is just... not hot. Chivers, it's up to you to confirm or debunk this theory. Is this the 'Two Pistols and a Sword Girl'?

  • bill

    butter face

  • Anonymous

    It’s not because the original girl has a band around her right bicep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509027615 Drew Wilbon

    so she got new sleeves and her tits got smaller? Clearly not the same girl…

  • CMH

    If you look at the top of the left arm in the original pic, the tat there has red ink in it, then look down at the frontal shot, the tat on the top in that shot is in black and white. Sorry guys, but she isn't the one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.rothgeb Michael Rothgeb

    Unless she got her ears gauged along with new sleeves I'd say no.

  • Adam

    This is her. Look at the VERY top of her left arm in the ass-side picture, see the red/blue circular tattoo? You can see the front of it on the face view (JUST a TINY tidbit of it, on YOUR right side of her) and you can see the same blue color. Just an observation. NOTHING conclusive though. I find her pretty, but juggalette or whatever the hell it is ≠ sexy

  • JHN92
  • crash

    no way. the patterns on her existing tatts dont match up, and her "new sleeve work" isn't new.

  • citukas

    Whyyyyyyy whys does it always have to be like this, reat – perfection, fron- nightmare…

  • Anonymous

    bullshit, so she had a new tattoo but her boobs has been reduced on the way.


  • britt

    if you look good, you can see that she has huge boobs, looking from the back
    the other girl barely has boobs, NOT her!

  • Tay

    definetlyyyyyy NOT her

  • Devastator

    That is a solo-girl named Sexy Lette, not the same as the two pistols girl.

  • Dagg58

    This is not her. This Girl is Sexylette. A softcore model. She has claw marks on her back. Not pistols.

  • guest

    I'm 100% sure it is not. Just watch her for some minutes and you'll realize.

  • Sheepclone

    In an older post we had a side view. She had much larger breasts.. this is most DEFINITELY not her….

  • Kayvon

    Nope, its not the same

  • dablack
  • Scott

    Not her… The tattoo on her left arm of the girl does not match. Sorry guys, the hunt continues… I compared it with a previous post which had a full shot of the tattoo.

  • joel

    can somebody explain the tatto she had on the back leg ??

  • amy

    Not her the picture of her with the back view shows an armband On her right arm and the other picture of her front view has no armband

  • Ruusa

    Its not the same girl.. I saw the girl with gun tatoos in Thailand Mars-10..

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