Britain’s ugliest dog adopted and the fugliest dogs ever (13 photos)

Cafe worker, April Parker found Ug, renamed -Doug, on an animal shelter website. Her screen shattered and it was love at first site. I’d like to see her boyfriend.

  • hossmank

    Holy shit these dogs are fugly!

    • chivefag

      #1 Ugliest British dog? Looking at those teeth, I concur. It is most definitely a British dog.

  • xKxD

    First ugly dogs!

    • xKxD

      this xKxD is so f"#ing handsome

  • Fugly


  • hossmank

    I guess it has the ability to be cute from a different angle. I'd probably choose something else from the ASPCA first though.

  • winston002

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    • Lau

      Totally Lol'd when I read this

      • winston002

        I wasn't kidding… This is what I get off to

    • kRam

      srsly, that comment made me laugh very loudly in a very quiet office, chive on sir, this made the post epic

    • Stafferty

      After 13 photos spent recoiling in fear, you sir, made me smile. Keep it up you sick bastard.

    • Erik von Markovik


  • Anakrusix


  • Mike Vick

    Why do they all look like British citizens?

    • Sean

      Hardest ive ever laughed at a chive comment.

    • AnyoneforCoffee


    • Logic76

      It's the Newcastle pageant

    • marshy

      yeah, not fat like ALL septics!

    • the dude

      could you imagine them being american FFUGLY fat and fucking ugly.

    • P90

      Wow the ignorance is strong with you.

  • hitman219

    el chupacabra!!!!!

  • simon

    #9 is a German Wirehaired Pointer. They look odd from when you hold their ears up like that, but are gorgeous dogs

    • Dave

      You sir are WRONG.

  • dan

    wasn't #13 in resident evil?

    • Seldi84

      Never mind Resident Evil wasn't that the thing in Feast?

      • bud

        your thinking of Peter Jackson's "Dead Alive". the rare rat monkey.

        • Leezy

          No no no… you're thinking of Truth or Dare back in 1991. She looked decent back then. She's aged poorly.

        • Askew

          That's it!! When I saw that pic I was like " damn I've seen that in a movie somewhere" . Dead Alive!!

    • bliwers

      I though the same 😀

  • shamshe

    These dogs maybe ugly on the outside but they are quite lovable and good dogs.

    • bdubgnes


  • RiKo

    #8 #13 i think this is a Gremlin..

  • Seldi84

    #1 I know it's inner beauty that counts and all that crap but still how the hell is she going to walk that thing outside? It will scare the children and the little old ladies.

    • ShadowCorp

      Maybe that's her goal.

      • Seldi84

        An evil act masked as kindness. This woman is a true super villain.

  • MigraineBoy

    There's hope for me yet!

  • Dave

    It's a wirehaired Pointing griffon and one of the best bird hunting breeds around, and yes they are all that cute.

    • femtrooper

      Awww I wants one. *grabby hands*

    • top dog

      CUTE? Where?

  • Dave

    #8 #13 are movie props and not real dogs, the rest are just ugly little shits!

  • Diana Santos

    #8 ; #13…what happened to him? Poor dog..:(

    • I like pizza


  • femtrooper

    #7 ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!!

    • RyGuy

      Despicable me reference?

  • mick

    some of those fuckers look like chupacabras

  • skylarrr

    #3…..DERP xD

    • Darryl

      #6…..DURR HURR DERP!

  • khgarrity

    I'm eating my lunch right now. I really should have thought before I clicked.

  • Laura

    Ok… #12 was cute.

  • Matt

    #8 #13
    that's just scary!!!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #1 I would do the dog on the right, but that dog on the left is the ugliest thing I have ever seen

    • Flicka

      Oh come now, that girl is perfectly acceptably "cute." She's no chiver, but really, how many are?

      • StevieC

        Well, she is Britain's ugliest dog ….

    • Ruth

      So you like to fuck dogs? You sick bastard.

  • Brah

    I'm pretty sure #8 has stepped in for the Crypt Keeper before.

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