Britain’s ugliest dog adopted and the fugliest dogs ever (13 photos)

Cafe worker, April Parker found Ug, renamed -Doug, on an animal shelter website. Her screen shattered and it was love at first site. I’d like to see her boyfriend.

  • Mooney

    #11 is a hyena from the lion king! i love that!

  • judasnicknack

    that last 1 looks like the wee thing that sits on jabba the hutts knee/tail/slug thing lol

  • top dog

    #3 look like he had a strike.

  • flavadave

    #11 – This shit is sour.

  • ALM

    #8 still haunts my nightmares, after all these years. I guess if you want an ugly dog, get a Chinese crested.

  • tater


  • moeshere Foxdale

    If I seen them dogs in the night I would freaking piss my self….Baby get my gun…LOL

  • Ken

    I concur…not attractive.

    #3: The first three photos are the same critter. Looks like he had some trauma to his head.

    The cool thing about dogs is that no matter how ugly they are or how rough they've had it, they can still be as happy as can be and not be stigmatized in the least by their maladies with just a little TLC. One more area where they have the one-up on people.

    • Karen

      Well said. I'm so glad this little guy found a loving home.

  • BloodScrubber

    Looks like Alf to me. Must be the coffee.

    • KeepinItClassy

      toally agree, I was going to make the same comment

  • Bob

    Damn, those dogs are almot as ugly as Madonna.

  • thetech2

    wtf JUST wtf thats some ugly dog

  • Pat

    Wonder how to walk them outside? You share their ass and walk them backwards.

  • Pat

    Shave their ass , i mean

  • Jess

    #5, #6, #8, #13, So I think we all agree the Chinese Crested is the fugliest dog breed, right? That's right folks, most of these are an actual breed that people bred ON PURPOSE. They wanted to make more of them. Imagine having to walk that thing everyday. At least you could terrify small children with it.

  • Toots McGee

    #8 #12 #13

  • Dana

    WOW….some of these are straight out of a horror film. Like not gonna sleep well knowing these actually exist.

  • Eli

    #1 #2

    Backyard breeders, this is your life.

  • John

    Is #13 a chupacabra?

  • Pani Booyah

    #4 reminds me of Paul Teutal Snr from American Chopper

  • Ivan

    #2 Damn!

  • in the kitchen

    # 8 and #13 are both real but with some wicked health problems!

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