FOUND! ‘Two Pistols and a Sword Girl’ (7 Photos)

The search is over...

Thanks to Jorixine, one of our Argentinian Chivers for sending us these photos just a few minutes ago. I have to say, I think she’s hot. I’m sure we’ll be getting more shots shortly if you guys recognize her. We’ll keep you posted.


  • damon

    i wanted to see her face so bad this week. In a weird way, the massive derp face didn't let me down. it wasn't at all what I expected, but I did fall on the floor laughing #7

    • Sean Brennan

      OMG! You fell on the floor laughing?! Are you okay?!

    • Fisheyes

      CHIVE FTW. Well played, John. Well played. Now, when can we see the other frontal pics that you're holding? You know, the ones without the DERP.

      • vicrom252

        herp deerp face

    • I lick girls

      You know this girl is reading this and thinking…"Is this why they always want to take me from behind?"

  • Charlie Makarov

    wait what?

    • Dan Crowley

      I kinda wish she wasn't making a dumb face, it's hard to tell.

    • brad

      whomp whomp #7 derpderp

      please redeem yourself two pistols and sword girl.

    • Phondo

      Figures. I'm guessing the face never really pans out. The boobs are *naturally* unnatural. Even the butt is a little less impressive in some of these shots. Plus, of course, all those stupid tattoos. Oh well.

      • Caca

        Find Abdul….HE has the answers.

  • newscot

    Only one shot of the front, and she's making a face…

    • Turtles

      thank you for summing up the entire post in words…..captain obvious!! LOL

    • SweetAwesomeness

      with a body like that….i doubt many of us are really paying attention to the face anyway….and if we did…im sure we went right back to looking at the marvelous ass!

      • Jay

        mmmmmm mm MM!

    • gaylord

      Ya man.. wasnt a good shot from the front.

    • Kat

      Who cares? The back's the best part anyways..

  • Petty

    Disappointing. So much build up. So much let down

  • Long Duck Dong


  • parlay

    i tip my hat to the chive. We all wanted this girl found and damned if they didn't find her #6

    • MasonGWebbington

      Tip your hat to our fellow Chiver in Argentina…

    • didja

      the chive + chivers = best stalkers on the internets

  • Andy Hodge

    Ah man!! i bet she's still hot without the 'derp'!

    • Bob Saget

      I was just thinking the same thing!

    • v4vendetta

      Yeah, if she wasn't making a face… But even if the face doesn't turn out perfect, that ass sure as hell makes up for it!!! I'd spread it like peanut butter….

  • Lauris Sessums


    • Dillon Turcotte

      lets not go that far

    • dontstop

      hahahah. compared to the wannabe pornstar juggalo chick……..this was a great discovery.
      win chive win.

      • jhfdkjsd

        i think that chick was prettier

    • Dennis Paulsen

      Really? I think she's smoking hot. Even with the funny face pic!

    • Lauris Sessums

      win for chive no doubt.

  • Maroun

    I am sure that at that exact moment, pistols gitl never imagined that her facial expression would be a disappointment to so many people.

  • Dozer13579

    WOW We need some better shots of the grill though. Great job Chive!!!

  • AnyoneforCoffee

    Brilliant, Chive! You pulled it out of the hat again!

  • Stafferty

    I have a feeling John has a good front pic of her that he is saving for Randomness. At least that is my hope.

    Either way, 1-6 were glorious. The front of her body is hot as hell too, tough to tell much else with the DERP face

    • wztarheel

      I agree. John's holdin some pics for later.

  • SirDankness

    thank god most of those are taken from behind

  • Abdul

    She live for me – she die for me – she derp for me

    • Bunker Punk

      oh my god, I am fucking crying laughing! thank you!

    • RiKo

      you're a lucky b@st@rd Abdul..:D

    • fff

      thats her fuckin face u asshole

    • Philo


  • Tristan

    moar screw the face, heck screw every part of that body

  • mark

    i'm going to say she's hot as hell. everybody has a bad moment. I'm guessing she's hot as hell

    • P Diddily

      2 guns, a sword, and a DERP!!!

  • nothingtoseehere

    #7 "Wait, what? you're telling me 10 million teenage boys have been fapping to a picture of my butt all week long? ewww!"

    • Lil Jon

      And 25 million adults.

  • skylarrr


  • Brad

    Abdul is coming after The Chive!!!

    • BloodScrubber

      The Chivenator will protect us. He'll not be back…because he never left. B)

  • Phil

    That's what I thought. The only thing sexy about her was the tattoos.

    • Lisa_Martin

      Wrong. That girl is fantastic even without the ink. They just add exponentially to the smokin' factor. I like the lace up thing on her leg a lot. I even like that she doesn't have a matching one on the other side. Beautiful work.

  • Justin Hall

    My radar says she's attractive. Derp face can make anyone liking minging.

    • Justin Hall


      I was distracted by her face.


  • Justin Hall

    Enter text right here!

  • Bunker Punk

    Chive, you gentlemen never cease to amaze me/us. So, I challenge you to find out her name and a front pic without the derp. Please accept this challenge and succeed, ChiveNation is waiting…

  • Jonathan

    I don't get what the big deal is. Tattoos are a huge turnoff.

    • Mos

      So is your mom.

  • mipo2010

    dos pistola chica tiene una cara como un burro #7

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