FOUND! ‘Two Pistols and a Sword Girl’ (7 Photos)

The search is over...

Thanks to Jorixine, one of our Argentinian Chivers for sending us these photos just a few minutes ago. I have to say, I think she’s hot. I’m sure we’ll be getting more shots shortly if you guys recognize her. We’ll keep you posted.


  • timg

    Nice job finding her Chive. However, she is the deifinition of a "butter" face

  • top dog


  • Dufius

    I bet Jorixine can give us a pic without a stupid derp face. Please, Chive…

    TheChive can achieve anything…TheChive is all mighty…Praise TheChive

    Nice rack btw…too bad they're fake…

  • Steve

    I miss the mystery now

  • Joost Mermans


  • lido


    #7 @50 y/o…yakn'

  • johnnyrockets


  • theone

    MOAR i need MOAR #3,#4,#7

  • Xen

    I was hoping so hard for a real chest, but I still can't quite tell. Leaning toward the fake side…

  • 10 fold

    She gorgeous – tats and all.

  • XAV

    There's got to be a better picture of her face, ask your Argentinian source to take another pic!

  • theone

    #7 iwant full frontal

  • roflcopter

    LOL at all of you pining over her.
    Only one facial shot and shes derping 😛

    Luckily I never saw any appeal for this overrated tart.
    Plenty of other girls in the hump post that did it for me.

  • brent

    nice bod tho

  • WoogyMonster

    Well done Watson. You found the guns and thong girl. Please pass the butter……..face.

  • steven

    whats her name?

  • Virulent87

    guns ROX

  • derpson

    I am dissapoint

  • ChiefMockeryOfficer

    More effort was spent finding this chick than bin laden!

  • mothball275

    whoa… i gots a sword now too!

  • Diana Santos

    #7 that pc of her face was very well chosen..i´m sure better was impossible ^_^ [ironic mode on)

  • @Mr_g33k


  • Simen

    Some girls sould not be found…

  • JPC217

    Like the Grinch with Bolt-Ons……

  • yoav^^^

    put a normal face photo!

    that is so unfair!

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