FOUND! ‘Two Pistols and a Sword Girl’ (7 Photos)

The search is over...

Thanks to Jorixine, one of our Argentinian Chivers for sending us these photos just a few minutes ago. I have to say, I think she’s hot. I’m sure we’ll be getting more shots shortly if you guys recognize her. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Matt

    #7 Can't wait to see a picture of her from the front without this face attached to it.

  • critic

    Only from behind. Ass up and anal.

  • k4zyc0tn

    The dream is ruined…

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski

    Thank you Chive!!! Really…

  • Barquisimetooo

    very very disapointed =( fuck that abdul guy by the way

    • hohoho

      viva venezuela

  • Axman
  • N8 rawr


  • ban hammer

    i am jack's shrinking boner.

    shall we ban this derp-tastic letdown from the chive forever? all in favor say "aye."

  • b;ue

    Argentina??…thats easy i could find her

  • Adam

    All that fuss for nothing…just another fake titted, tatted up douche-whore. Fuck you, Abdul.

  • Axman
  • birlesmisilletler

    she is a evidence of before and after marriage.

  • Ruben

    That last one killed it for me

  • Nate

    She likes them there thong thingys….

  • dave

    I think she is repellant.

  • XOS

    this is like when George Bush stated 'Mission Accomplished' for the Iraq war prematurely….shit this mission is NOT accomplished!…still a battle to be fought….find a better front view pic!!!..

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Right on chive…but I'm sure with out the face that girl is still freaking hot…Sorry boys…I would do it…all night long…Word..

  • Wildman

    She has a slightly odd choice in weapons for tattoos. The pistols are Ruger SR9's. They have only been out for a couple of years and are good pistols, but not the type that you would expect to grace a tat.

    • Nephilim

      Very true. Something classic like a pair of 1911s, Browning Hi Powers or even CZ-75s would've been stellar especially with the detail put into the ones she has.

      • Wildman

        1911s all the way!

        • Nephilim

          Can't ever go wrong with the 1911.

          • Nephilim

            Been thinking about it and with a sculpted ass, light tats and thin body like that something sleek and sexy like the Hi-Power would go best. To me the 1911 is a no bullshit, take no prisoners message better suited to a super sexy THICK chick or a regular framed, heavily tattooed gal like my wife – two full sleeves, eight other tats across her body and an attitude to match. Her favorite word is "fuck" and she has it tattooed in fancy cursive across her hip. My lord I love her. I have both a 1911 and a Hi-power and being that my wife could kick the ever-loving shit out of 'two-guns' chick I stand by my estimation.

  • Doughy

    I'd still tap that ass.

  • Deville

    Some seriously fucked up/ creep show guys on here. That world of warcraft comment sums it up for im sure 90% of these clowns.

  • jroy

    So #7 is now showing the new frog face. Is that now more popular than the duck face but twice as ugly?

  • TylerV

    I applaud theChive for finding these photos. Wish there was a front picture without a derp face. But hey, beggars can't be choosers

  • Bud Ugly

    What if that's actually how her face looks?

  • AllanB

    Convert her to The Chive!

  • Mark James Solley

    Maybe she made that face as a kid and it stuck that way.

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