FOUND! ‘Two Pistols and a Sword Girl’ (7 Photos)

The search is over...

Thanks to Jorixine, one of our Argentinian Chivers for sending us these photos just a few minutes ago. I have to say, I think she’s hot. I’m sure we’ll be getting more shots shortly if you guys recognize her. We’ll keep you posted.


  • do it

    haha…all this for that?!? thats one ugly, flat ass…i hope it was worth it suckas.

  • Anonymous

    whats with the facial expression

  • thetech2


  • Cobretti

    Ahh, to be Abdul

  • Martim

    she made a weird face but seems to be pretty… and if it's not… well, there are masks, and bags 😛

  • Rick

    Gotta say, if that’s the face that goes with that ass then ya gotta keep it under wraps. Has to be something in the guy code about that.

  • ryeguy

    Its a shame that she put all that ink on her body because it really is in great shape, even if the tits aren't real. I too was hoping to see the face of this woman and really I figured it wasn't going to be good and it turned out kinda' the way I thought it would look.

  • saltygary

    Still think the best front shot is the one with the dude. Damn…

  • SalsaShark42

    Still better than the skanky Juggalo they tried passing off as her.

  • Dustmiretheturd

    horrible picture! im sure she has to be hot

  • sexualniner

    Omg butterface.

  • rawnoyz

    i wonder if she knows about the huge buzz about her..

  • Jessica Condrey

    I'm a woman, and in my opinion ( Besides the Fake Juggs) that she has THE perfect body 😉
    Now I know alot of you dudes dont mind fake boobs an all…but the thought of something synthetic implanted in my cupcakes just weirds me out 0_0
    And some tats are hot if they are done right…I love the guns!
    Anyways, Great Booty too! haha

  • Alex

    Are those S&W Sigma guns tattooed on your back???? UGHHHHHHHH. NOT HOT.
    What? Do you also use AOL for your email? I kind of expected that… disappointment….:S

  • Frank

    This is awesome. I laughed pretty hard at the worst possible front shot that didnt involve a beard. But I would still love me some booty of that quality

  • Chivemaster

    Still one of the best asses ever!

  • jpop

    pretty crazy thatt someone found this chic already. gogo super stalkers!(no diss)

  • Tbone

    need to see more

  • RSC

    Awesome, glad you guys found it.

  • bob

    hot as shit

  • Stix

    Lets see her face without the "face".

  • Jay

    one word=beast

  • I AI

    lovers name ina coca-cola font – what does that mean ?
    also – FAKE BOBS!

  • tictac

    "I Live for you and I die for you Abdul"??? The lady is a gangsta….

  • Dewald Olivier

    come on…nice chesticles to match that gorgeous bum! the derp face must be redeemed.

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