FOUND! ‘Two Pistols and a Sword Girl’ (7 Photos)

The search is over...

Thanks to Jorixine, one of our Argentinian Chivers for sending us these photos just a few minutes ago. I have to say, I think she’s hot. I’m sure we’ll be getting more shots shortly if you guys recognize her. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Youngblood55

    ABDUL? Really? I don't know what was worse, seeing that fantastic face or that she lives for and will die for Abdul? Randomly awkward!!

  • The Dude

    Two bagger…

  • dave

    the other chick that was possibly this girl is so much better looking.

  • ChooChoo

    Now I know why most of the pics were from behind.

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  • Nicheal21

    much better from the back….

  • Jon

    Yo, can anyone take picture her again? Take picture normal face and front of her body, no derp.

  • AL Ventura

    We want a set of hot chicks with tats no DERP Please

  • JohnT

    u guys dont know who this is? I'll give you a hint:
    She does porn

    I'm Serious too

    • jason

      Can you give another hint? Maybe a name or something?

  • Gena

    all looking for this girl. Who is she?

  • Israel

    I found another front picture for you guys.
    it's similar to #7 but a bit different:

  • wolvman

    Wait ? Does that tattoo say:

    I Bie for you? instead of i Die for you ?? o.0

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  • Floop

    commenter Israel just linked to a photoshop job of it…tho i'll admit it helps to take out some of the derp

  • elbruces

    Abdul is a lucky lucky man.

  • sketchygirl

    those tats make me wanna vom

  • Anonymous

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  • Jason

    I've never wanted anything so bad in all my life!! #2 All i can say is OH MY GOOOOOODDDD she is so hot!!!!!!!!!

  • Not Better

    Chive..Please un-find her. NOW!!!

  • PaYaZo

    nice, pistols #3

  • The El' Conquistador

    Did you guys stop to check the porn locker for her past works?

  • tbone

    cool story bro

  • Mistero

    Tats are nasty.

  • Dodith

    What a rear view!!! 😀

  • Tom

    How did this get dropped? She is a babe…Do we know anything more about her? More pics?

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