Friday Firepower: One of the most advanced tanks in the world, the Challenger (27 HQ Photos)

This is Britain's main battle tank. They currently use the Challenger 2. It's main gun fires 120mm round and can rotate it's turret 360 degrees in 9 seconds. So let the Leopard and Abrams argument begin. Either way, this is one tank you want on your team.
theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures for Friday Firepower
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures for Friday Firepower
Submit your Photos here

  • Tylor

    #1 #25 #26 #27 hell yes on all three and #1 one

  • Nick

    18 is what i like to call "Shock and Awe".
    Can you kindly tell me her name so that i can go lust after her…

    • Steveo

      Her name is Kelly Brook, another Great British accomplishment.

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  • thisguy

    #18 and #25 perfect

    • Giggitty

      I like tanks but I like women more

  • Nobby

    Too bad we cant afford have many of these..
    #16 is Kelly Brook i think

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I think we had 800 at our peak. But in this age of long-range rapid reaction, many are gathering dust in storage nowadays.

      • kent

        Whoa, you never had 800. No where near that.

        Only 440 have been built. Only 100 are in active duty inventory in the British military.

  • Nobby

    Oops lol #18

  • V.A.

    Leopard and Abrams argument? Neither of those have survived being hit by 70 RPGs continuously. Challenger FTW.
    And #18 FTW too…

    • kent

      The Challenger never survived being hit by 70 RPGs either.

      And you do realize the story has been greatly exaggerated over and over again right? The tank only took a few direct hits. M1 Abrams tanks have survived multiple tank rounds at close range.

      The Challenger II has not seen enough real combat to compare it to the Abrams. In both the Gulf War and the Iraq Invasion, British forces never did the brunt of fighting. Not once has a Challenger II gone against an enemy armoured unit.

      • T-Boz

        FYI only 2 CHARLIE 2's ever been damaged in conflict, notice damaged , not lost. One after sustained RPG attacks and one in a friendly fire incident with another Chralie 2.

        Case Closed.

        • kent

          The Challenger II never faced intense combat. Toting its combat record when it never even really faced real combat is retarded.

          In the invasion of Iraq, Challengers never were on the front lines. The US made the main push into Iraq and took on all the armoured divisions of the Iraqi military, and did all the urban fighting in Baghdad and the surrounding cities. The Brits came in after the US extended the front line north, and went straight to Basrah which was the least-defended city in the entire country.

          The Challenger has, get this, never been challenged. Not because it's so great, but because it's never been in a position to actually be in danger.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            FFS, have YOU got issues!

            Challengers did see extensive action in Iraq and one tank is known to have survived 70 RPG hits. Read up on it.

            Now put the star-spangled banner back in its very special jewel-encrusted box and get back to your search for a life.

            (And we wonder why so many Brits want to tell the US to f**k off and sort its own problems out.)

            All the best to your family for what they have to put up with.

            • Mark

              Me-thinks you're forgetting the last World War when the Americans saved you from "fighting on the beaches…blah blah". If it wasn't for Pearl Harbor (which some say was rigged in the 1st place) you Brits would have been a province of Germany once Hitler had sorted Russia out.

              • Nateb123

                Mark, I have nothing against America but this whole "we won WWII" stuff needs to stop. The Russians weren't in danger of being "sorted out" by the Germans by the time the US got in on the war. The USSR tore through the Germans after Stalingrad. What America did win was the war in the Pacific.

          • hehe

            You mean after you guys went in for the oil

      • coocoocuchoo

        u cannot deny that the chally has the number 1 armour in the world, there is a well documented case where a chally2 was hit by multiple close-range RPGs and a TOW ANTI-TANK missile and the only thing that broke was the lightly protected optics. it was back in survice 24 hours later.

        • Jimmy

          i don't know if you guys know this but, the challenger and abrams have the same armor.

          • The Spicy Italian

            I was about to point that out

          • dave

            No, they don't. Both used to have Chobham, but now the Challenger 2 has the new version, called "Dorchester".

      • P90

        In that engagement is survived many RPG's and a Milan anti-tank missile. It has probably the best armour of any tank. Abrams have also been destroyed by RPG attacks.

  • Matt

    The Challenger 2 is a great tank. On the plus side, the TC's seat is WAAAAY more comfortable than the Abrams. On the minus, what the hell were the Brits thinking when they went with the 3-piece main gun ammo? Your loader's gotta be a mechanical engineer on the Chinese Olympic ping-pong team to load that thing in under 4 seconds. In the Abrams, it only takes about an hour to teach an 18-year-old, mouth-breathing GED recipient to load under 4.

    • Airwalktdk

      in fairness – the reason for that choice was because it was considered more durable.
      (besides at least this way all loaders are trained to a higher standard than they would otherwise)

  • P90

    The Challenger 2 has the highest rate of fire from it's main weapon (RPM) than any other tank, it has the world record for the longest ever confirmed tank kill, it has the most advanced armour system in the world (Dorchester) one level up from the Abram's 'Chobham' (Also British) and it is the only tank to have been in actual combat and not had one destoyed to enemy fire. Theose in the defense industry genrally condiser the Challenger 2 to be the best tank ever made only let down by it's low production number.

    • P90

      'Those' 'generally consider' I don't know what happened there.

    • Jesse

      i would like to know what that recorded range for the longest kill is. canadian army has a kill with the leopard 1c2…yes the leopard 1, not two, a kill of 4.5 km with a hesh round…that is the longest kill i have ever heard about. as for best tanks, the leopard 2 and its variants are the best rated tank in the world by all the specialists…hell even the leopard 1c2 outclasses the abrams m1a2 in most aspects. it all comes down to crews really. i've been there and done it, i know the tanks work perfectly. so no trash talking.

      • P90

        I wasn't trash talking and I definately wasn't putting down the Abrams, I was just relaying a few bits of info I personally know about the Challenger 2. I admit I'm not military but every 'Discovery Channel' type programme I've seen featuring professional defense analysts they have all said the Chally is, when taking everything into account, the best tank ever made. Sadly though I think there was only something like 360 ever made.

  • unfairrobot

    By coincidence, #18 just made *my* turret rotate 360 degrees in 9 seconds.

    • Steve Lee

      I was going to make the joke she could spin on my lap in 9 seconds.

  • Guildenidas

    Not much of an argument. The abrams was a collaboration between the germans, brits and americans. The challenger, leopard and abrams are so similar that and argument over this kind of thing is just silly.

    • been there

      hey sweden pull out your balls and pick a side

  • @Dishwater

    bah ye are all silly it is the M60A1 (RISE Passive) that will beat them all

  • Phil

    So they're not using reactive armour anymore or what? I thought that was the bees knees at anti-RPG

    • @Dishwater

      they got the silly but effective fence things now, iirc

  • petewhip

    #15 nice shot!

  • Jimmy

    Challenger 2 and Abrams M1A2 both have the same Chobham armor system, although the Abram M1A2 has an extra layer of armor made of depleted uranium. They both have 120mm cannons only difference being one is rifled and other is smooth bore. Both has assentially the same missile/rocket counter-measure. They have a lot of similarities that make both tanks amazing. But if I had to choose I would want the more updated Abram M1A2 battle tank. Not only that, but the shear amount of Abrams there are compared to Challengers, puts the Abrams in the winner's circle.

    • dave

      I don't know how the number built means anything when comparing tanks. Are VW Beetles better than Ferraris simply because more were made? Also, the Challenger 2 has the updated "Dorchester" armour, which is a substantial improvement over the Chobham,

    • Airwalktdk

      that extra layer of depleted uranium also slows the Abrams down alot – personally i would pick the challenger 2 if on;y because of the HESH rounds – the GP nature of the ammo makes it more flexible.

      • DeltaSly

        so what you are saying is, that you would rather take speed over defense?! personally I'd like that extra armor because unless you are an x-wing, you are NEVER going to get away from a high speed projectile!!!!

  • The Stig

    Anyone who watched the top gear episode where clarkson was driving away from the challenger will know how much of a beast this thing is. Also, I hate the american documentaries that go on about the leopard and abrams but not the challenger even though it's with those two as the best in the world.


    Me,Myself and I……always believed if they would make the tank a full track under it…with power driven in the middle there would be no stopping it…it's only as good as the track….30 million dollor pile of junk…

    • Smell a Rat?

      Yeah great, as long as you never need to turn your mono-track tank…

    • kros

      How long did you believe this without thinking about steering for?

  • @Z_Triple_T

    lol #24 looks like a happy face

  • dude163

    longest kill is how far? In WW2 some german tanks got kills at 3kms+ and there is talk of Elefants hitting targets at 4kms on the steppes during Kursk

    • Airwalktdk

      longest kill was about 5 miles – though it was a challenger 1 not a challenger 2

      • Airwalktdk

        oh wait, just read somewhere that there was a kill at 10,000 metres (2000 metres than the Chall. 2's record – cant confirm this though – can someone else confirm?)

    • JOhn

      Longest kill Challenger 1, 1st gulf war 5.1km

  • Gill Avila

    I like it because the turret reminds me of the old Tiger II.

  • joeymac674

    Hey guys, while you are squabbling amongst yourselves I want to take a moment to give a quick shout out to the Brits for being such a great ally of the US. Believe me that the American people DO NOT believe that the French are our best ally! Our idiot President has recently quoted that to the American press. His head is up his ass and I don't even claim him as president right now. LOL. I trained with some hardcore boys from the 1st para back in the 80's at Ft. Bragg, some of whom have combat experience in the Falklands. I hope you guys (Brits) don't have to go back down there again and kick some Argentine ass! Okay, carry on!!!!

    • Derek

      Agreed….The UK has been a great friend and ally to the American people through some difficult times this past decade. They are a great bunch to party with and hella engineers. BAE has some great stuff coming out…Liquid body armor and visual invisible tanks.

    • Will Power

      Irony: If we do go back to the Faulkands it'll be alongside the french!!

  • kualjo

    I'd give my left nut to own one of these, but I'd rather give it to #18 instead, so…um…tanks, but no tanks!

  • Takjack

    Always a fan of the leapord 2 but this is fuckin sweet, i would love to work on on

    Canadian Forces Vehicle Tech

  • tokinoki

    1989 Isuzu Trooper

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