Who needs a photographer when you have a mirror (17 photos)

  • Your mom

    I'm not partial to blondes, but I would be put in jail for the things I'd do to #1. Find her Chive. Find her yesterday.

    • ROK

      why do you want to do illegal things to her? why not do nice things that she likes and then she would want you to do them again, instead of bubba doing them to you in jail?

      • cousin eddie

        ROK, do you have a personality or even more a sense of humor? do you understand what sarcasm means? do you know what it means to be hypothetically speaking?

        • ROK

          apparently you dont

          • cousin eddie

            A.) LOL <——-i have a sense of humor. see exhibit A

          • http://www.clockbog.com/ denzino

            cousin eddie must be new here. Welcome and enjoy. Although, don't you think some of these pretty girls actually are Jail Bait……………………

            • cousin eddie

              actually I've been looking at this site for years. When I first found it I traced back all the way to their first post. So, it's safe to say I have seen every single post that has ever been put on theChive. I guess you are the new one 🙂

              • cousin eddie

                I can't remember when I actually found theChive but I do know it was when their posts were seperated by page numbers (i think there were only like 18 pages at the time) now they go by individual days as you can see below

                • crow

                  oh no….i think you hurt his feelings with your very serious comment……i wish i was like you

    • mgreen

      Umm yes I agree. Please find her!!!!

    • P Diddily

      If you look close, you can see a nip outline.

  • ikindalikeapples

    something about #6 that i like. oh yeah and about #9 …..

    • ryan

      #9 yes but I think liking #6 means you are a pedo.

      • Jorge

        I know you're right, but #9 Angie Varona has to be already legal by now, so it's all good

      • http://www.facebook.com/dexsquab Dexsquab Molutinator

        pedos refer to pre-pubescents. #6, too old for pedobear.

        Now, if there was such a thing as ephebobear, you'd be having to protect this one from that.

    • TCB12

      Except that she's a Spartan…..I guess it's better than a Buckeye though.

    • Ricardo

      Your female cousins under 17 have to get some pepper spray pronto

  • red

    How many times are we gonna replay this one #10?

    • Will

      who cares shes the best one of the lot

    • paulhitchcock

      Are you complaining? I'm not.

    • sully23

      as many times as it takes

    • RGH

      If it ain't broke….

    • Roostn191

      # 10 is a 10!!!

    • djcreation

      Until she isnt hot anymore
      So it aint going to stop

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592330596 Dan Wilkins

      your hot! x

  • mr.bing

    #1. Oh my GOD!!!!!

    • lonin

      Led off with the best of the bunch.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592330596 Dan Wilkins

      i wish i had a gurl like you! WOW! x

  • Lou rocks

    Is #12 a post op tranny? dude-face!

    • mrk

      she's from toronto canada, and a girl

    • not a rapist *wink.

      Seriously! "Her" dicks bigger then mine!!!

  • shamshe


    • Darryl

      Oh Hell Yes…and #17…nom nom nom…

  • Rick

    OKAY… I'll TAKE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beldar

    ah yes #16 has the double mirror shot down. They should all do that.

  • codyne

    #15 The things I would do with those hips!

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      OMG I know. Nice gap going on. /bite

  • Liv

    #16 – you're doing it right.

  • codyne

    #4 reminds me of Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years.

    • Urban

      The best photo!

      • killu

        For sure Urban !

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592330596 Dan Wilkins

      ur amazing x

  • XAV

    #12 is hot

    • the dude


  • nakedlong

    i see what you did. hot chick first pic so i click into post then bam uf chicks everywhere. gross

  • XOS

    #1 #9 yup

    #2 is thicker than a snicker

  • Urban

    #2 #3 Umm, no Chive.

    • Shawn35

      hahhaha beat me to it, I was wondering WTF when I saw these 2

    • doblermeyer

      While they're probably not "Chiveworthy", I'd still do unspeakable things to both of these girls. I'm sure you would as well. I'm bet if given the chance, any guy would take them on, we just wouldn't mention it to our friends afterward. Besides, everyone knows it's these chubby girls that do all the dirty stuff that the super hot chicks won't even think about.

      • Urban

        You are probably right. Girls like this would show up at a high school party and do crazy things with all kinds of guys. We never told our girlfriends. Fast forward to today and I would have to chase it down with a bottle of vodka.

    • Zeus

      I'd beat

  • D.C

    #1 Holy jesus christ! I would do horrible horrible things Please find her!

  • me2

    am i the only one who wants MOAR of #13 ?

    • sully23

      i think i went to high school with this chica. and yes she is smokingshe also has killer breath. made me want to vomit then vomit some more.

  • thegza

    #1 #4 #10…HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • Jedi

    Awesome! Plz find

    • frank


  • Stafferty

    #4 #5 #9 #10

    I would (content censored) then (content censored) with a stuffed rhinoceros to get see more picture of these girls with less on.

  • joeybeadz

    #10 never gets old for me

  • I smell Bullshit

    Technically #4 and #11 are not mirror shots. Just saying

  • Edo



  • Gutterville

    Im not say I wouldn't hit #2 but I would have to be drinking first

  • Colin

    #9 looks shopped. her sides are kinda unnatural.

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