Who needs a photographer when you have a mirror (17 photos)

  • Virgin_Surgeon

    #1 Take off your Anti-theft Device (engagement ring) and you'd be that much more hotter.

  • TheDarkKnight

    #1 FTW


  • Matt


  • lutay

    #1 definitely needs her own album


    #17 is that a bible on the night stand? Sinner

    • John

      This girl in #17 is a hooker that travels around the US, and spends time in Washington DC and Utah. Seeing this picture here, and not on backpage dot com makes me laugh!

  • Virgin_Surgeon

    #4 #13 #16 (strategic ass shot) We need more of. Please find them.

  • Mr_Rob

    Thats a lot of jailbait, isn't?

  • Gern Blanston

    #4 all day, night AND on the weekends!

  • Bob

    #16 may have the perfect tush…need some more to make sure

  • MikeK

    Thank you. Just thank you, Chive!

  • shamshe


    • not a rapist *wink.

      You guys dream of fat chicks built like bricks? There is at least 4- "What the fuck was chive thinking?!" Bitches in this post and this sea pig is one of them.

      • shamshe

        well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i for one happen to like a bit of curves. what can i say… dont knock it till you try i guess.

      • shamshe

        i like a bit o' meat on them bones

      • Adam

        Fat? What are you on? Big boobs don't equal fat. She has a perfect body with very large boobs. I would say yes to her in a hearbeat.

        • Kio

          Big fat boobs, no stomach to be seen, no curves on her ankles. That's fat.

          It's ok if you like fat chicks, to each his own, just don't deny that's a fat girl.


          • Kio

            Ankles… lol. Waist

          • bob

            you're a moron

        • I like pizza

          actually about 1/3 of a boob is fat.

          so big boobs= fat

      • tag

        I agree, although not as harshley. I see nice boobs, but her body is flat, no curve, and probably none out the back either. Her face leaves much to be desired. But she certainly isn't fat. Just featureless (besides the breasts).

        • kitkat63376

          I agree with you, tag. Too white, flat body, weird angle to her hip…oh, and she looks like a skank. I'm not sure why I say that, but I said it in my mind as soon as I saw her.

  • Dozer13579

    #3 Motorboat with a mercury 225.

  • The Dude

    #1 is good.

    #3, sorry honey. Big tits can make up for a lot. But,…..

  • mazlow01

    1,7,9,17 thank you.

  • jtatman

    #3 would be better if she was smiling… But God Bless Underboobage!!!! I love it!!

  • charles

    meh, kind of boring batch

  • Hisham

    These girls are daaaaaaamn hot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dcturcotte Dillon Turcotte

    Please more #1 holy shit!

  • Brian

    I don't know guys, this post was subpar at best.

  • Seldi84

    Sorry chive, Can't beat the random coloured haired girls from this morning.

    Oh and will someone check the sell by date on #6 she looks about 10. Pedobear i am not.

  • Will

    Wow that was a terrible post. Soo many fat ones

  • jack

    I am happy that the flash has whited out most of #2 , but not happy that it blotted out #17.
    WIN and FAIL

    • jack

      what the hell happened to my pictures?

  • bowhuntpa


  • sully23

    so i think i went to high school with #13. though she has a smoking body and face, her breath is KILLER! huge turnoff

    • WoogyMonster

      No problem mate, just give her an orbit and then put her into orbit.

  • jndxdfgd


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