Who needs a photographer when you have a mirror (17 photos)

  • Mike

    I got #17 in an e-mail about 3 years ago, it was supposedly from a girl's lost camera at ole miss, there are a lot more pictures, and more explicit

    • sure is
      • Mike

        The pics I got didn't have the censor bars, haha. I'd like to see some more of her friend too

        • sure is

          yeah, that was just a start of a search, I bet if Tin eye the pictures on that site it will lead me elsewhere

  • WoogyMonster


  • sws4420

    1 2 and 5 to my room now.

    The rest of you are dismissed.

  • american lover

    dear god please find #16

  • Blipvert

    More please #5 #12

    • Blipvert

      Upon closer inspection, #12 does have some man hands. Hmmm.=/

  • jdw

    #9 — You must find her–WOW!

    • uberbrie

      The push up under the Sports Bra…she's a LIAR!

      • uberbrie is an idiot

        your an idiot. they have found her, and her tits are huge

    • CHA

      already been found… know your chive!

    • HYe

      already been found…. know your chivettes !

    • TCB12

      She's been found, numerous times. I cant think of her name (its something italian looking), but shes got a website full of mirror pics just like this.

      • C_chive

        Angie Verona. Come on guys.

    • iwant9

      find her!!!!!!!!!!

    • chase

      yes, angie varona (that's the correct spelling). And i think she recently copyrighted all those photos in an effort to keep them off the internet. lame. she's gorgeous and sexy as all hell.

  • bisketz


  • jeparlefrançais

    Please find #9 !
    I'm in love !

    Chive on from France !

  • Dufius

    Mirrors are bad. They prevent good guys to take hot pictures of hot chicks and they ALSO rip off their opportunity to have sexual intercourse with them hot girls…

    THEY TOOK OUR JOBS !!! (They tookour djooooob…deytookidooo…)

  • Herm23

    #5 & #10 MOAR!!! We need MOAR narcissistic girls with amazing bodies! They make the world go round.

  • Gonzo

    #4 and #11 are not mirror photos…foul! I still like 'em though.

  • I am Name


  • VampJenn

    #9 looks like she is 14 years old

    • Jack


    • Juan_Pueblo

      yep, but she is really pretty

    • I lick girls

      Chris Hanson: "Why don't you take a seat?"

      Me: "Yea I know Chris, I'm going to jail…but did you see those tits?"

      Chris Hanson: "I don't blame you, I'd serve time…"

    • the dude

      but, but shes hot.


      • jail_bait

        Grass on the wicket… lets play cricket!

    • Guy

      I think thats what we all like about her though, shes sweet and innocent not tainted and slutty looking. Girl next door. and if he is 14 id wait out side her college till she turned 18! And Italian! OMG That is half of mens dream wives!

  • Bobby

    #15 Oh Damn!

  • alex

    Cups fatties in there…but I'll still fap

  • http://twitter.com/Dishwater @Dishwater

    Look I shaved my arm pits!!

  • kcod

    #6 Spartie represent!

  • mike

    #1,#5, and #9, very nice, please find more

  • zym

    Every single one of these started with "C'mon baby, it's just for me. No one will ever see it!"

  • Anonymous

    #7 #12 MOAR!!!

  • ian

    #9 perfect girl next door!

  • data

    #2, #12 🙂

  • bless1

    Wow! I f-n love these gallerys!!! Find number 1 and feature that.

  • bmnp

    #7 piękna:) beauty!

  • brent

    #1 is goin' viral.

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