• Dan

    That was pretty damn funny. Too bad it's hard to find in all the ads.

  • thomas

    goddam that was funny

  • Daesu

    whats up with the constant penis jokes? it gets too old…

    • PWNT

      How do you talk about your penis?

      • Freddy Stylez

        He doesn't have one.

  • Jasen

    Should I have cut this into a 30 second clip? Should I continue on for another minute with lame penis jokes?

  • ace

    the penis jokes were the best part! if you don't get the funny then gtfo of the internet

    • twizak

      it might be funny if I knew who he was

  • darthvehder

    I'm sorry but..

    This is my new Favre-it video.

    • Freddy Stylez

      Oh no you didn't

  • Tommy2X4

    Thats not really him, is it?!

    • pjsupremex

      just cancel your chive account now. seriously just gtfo!

    • yup

      who is that guy anyway?

  • Don RIckles

    Purple helmet = *
    Private Jet = **
    Payton Man-thing = ****
    Adrian Penis-son = ***
    Danny Woodhead = **
    Explanation of Danny Woodhead = *****

    • TylerV

      I also enjoyed "pube-y sneak" based on your ratings I'd give it a ***

  • McLovin' It

    well, i just found a new name for "alexander the great" – – > adrian penison 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516388246 Dylan Termeer

    I'm not a role model, I'm a jeans model 🙂

  • Jedi

    so there is a debate going on in the office as to whether this really is Brett. I think it is, but the argument is 50 50 right now. Chive, please clarify.

    • Brian

      Let me guess – McDonald's? DMV?

      • pjsupremex

        His name is Jedi. so the office he is speaking of is on the Millenium Falcon i assume.

      • Jedi

        TGIF's smartass!

      • V. Putin

        In great mother Russia you would receive medal for funny comment. If you ever come to great country, you have invitation to dinner at Winter Palace and access to great whore for evening.

    • Fishy

      I hope your not serious.

    • Josh

      It's not Brett…..it's actually Santa Claus' son! He's not ready to take over for his father. So he spends his time making viral videos

    • ranD

      Brett Favre retired from making commercials. Then he changed his mind and made this one.

      Directed by Tony Yacenda. Written and Produced by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. Sean Carrigan as Brett Favre. Executive Producer James Snyder. Producer Ethan Rosenberg. Cinematography by Alex Disenhof. Associate Producer Matt Dahan. Sound Design by Sam Ejnes.

      thats off the directors copy of the video on youtube here:

  • Earl da squirrel

    "Should I just send a voice mail instead of dick pics?" LMAO!!

  • PabloD

    Funny shit right there. And there is no way that is Bret Favre, just a dude that looks like him.

    • Josh

      and he sounds a lot like him….hilarious

  • Rick

    I just keep thinking he's going to say "Chuck, I'm gonna scissor-kick you in the back of the head" "I'ma come at you like a spider monkey"

  • mipo2010

    For those of you who seriously think this is Brett Favre please just slap yourself as hard as you can in the forehead,

    Yours Truly, MiPo

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    […] Re: OFFICIAL awesome video THREAD I stumbled across this video this morning. Thought it was funny as I'm not a big Favre fan. Don't watch it if you are easily offended or if you have kids around. Use headphones. Brett Favre: "What should I do?"–HILARIOUS theCHIVE […]

  • Ryan

    was that really Brett Favre?

  • Travis

    completions are why more awesome if you do them through triple coverage, remember that!

  • skylarrr

    dick pics, lol. xDDD

  • TylerV

    "Maybe I should Google Image search for Big Dicks, just text those, say it was mine! Yeah… that would probably work!"

  • WoogyMonster

    Triple threat coverage…. That's some funny shit right there.

  • markkens

    A certain pithy wtf to it all. LOL

  • johnnt


  • davey


  • testington

    are people really asking if that is Brett Favre? really? You watched the video right? And you've seen footage of Brett before right.? Do we also need to explain to you that James Franco didn't really cut his arm off?

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