Dirty Afternoon Randomness in High-Res (29 HQ Photos)

theTHROTTLE wants to show off your Dirty Friday pictures
Submit your Photos here

theTHROTTLE wants to show off your Dirty Friday pictures
Submit your Photos here

  • Kyle

    #27 is a photoshop :

    • B_rad

      #1 is a 'shop as well and #29 is suspect but that could be HDR.

      • John

        hi, i like make jokes on site..yes, they are not real but #4 is on the internet. kidding thanks for coming to the site

  • mith

    #4 nice gap & nice ass…..! MOAR!

  • brent

    #4 what a figure!

  • Fisheyes

    #10 I want that. And the bike is pretty cool too.

  • theone

    #4 is the best ride here

  • Quattro D00d

    I love Dirty Friday!

  • annon

    #4 is amazing.

  • mgreen

    #24 and #4 are VERY nice!!

  • Locode

    #2 #3 and #4 please.

  • akil
  • Slick

    I'm curious how many people look at these posts for the cars vs for the girls, or who looks for both (both for me).

    I'm all about the matte black in #25
    And #29 looks extremely fun.

  • Slick

    I meant matte black in #24

  • Danny

    This thread is awesome with the exception of that raggedy-a$$ Harley Davidson motorcycle….

    • dummy_rick

      thank you, however the Harley is a user submit that travels the country on his bike, my bad for not putting that in the comments…point being, if you love your bike/car that's all that matters here

  • cudaman

    #4 now that is a cross I would like to bare

  • DocKW

    #23 and #24 are hilarious. These guys down in NC and such talk big about how "It snowed and lemme tell you, boy howdy, did we have a good time y'all". What a bunch of jackasses. I climb hills like that – covered with more snow than that – in my little shit box winter beater, a 2003 Sunfire. Call me when you're real you find some real hills with some actual ACCUMULATION of snow.

    • John

      prove it, send me some photos…they did

    • Kyle

      I'm the xterra owner and just thought it was a cool picture. I'm not out thinking my ride is better than anyone and Ive certainly never bragged about offroading, hillclimbing or anything of the sort for that matter. Thanks for the input DicKW, but i'm actually far enough south where this was the most snow I had ever seen; I had to run up to my work to see why the alarm was going off, I parked quickly at the front door and when I was walking out I thought "hey, that would be a cool pic" so that why I sent it in.

      PS just to get you even more fired up, after this pic was taken I went home and banged my hot 21 year old college girlfriend for the rest of the day. That's probably something you never got to do thus being the reason your mad at the world.

      • rob


      • rob

        Well said my friend 🙂

  • leeroyjenkins

    im the owner of #23… we dont get snow like most people, so I figured it would be fun to climb a hill. no bragging about what my jeep can do. blow me.

    Docw why dont you call us when you get done doing your boyfriend in the little sunfire of yours, homo.

    kyle – sick xterra

  • http://Tice0105.BlogSpot.com Tice

    #8 I made a car model like that once

  • Dhanie

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  • bill

    wow #4 prefect.amazing hotttt.

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