There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (71 Photos)

Let's hear it for the Chivettes, man. These amazing girls destroyed my inbox again this week.
'Sexy Chivers' continues to blow us away as millions of Chivers tune in every Friday for this internet event. 
Remember, this awesome post is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!
John n' Leo

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  • parker

    #71 – holy gawd

    • Dirty Dingus

      Why is there a tiny lady fixing her hair? 😉

    • Baldy

      I fully agree. What a smokeshow

    • poodle

      Mind is numb

    • BigDingo


    • Rick

      This girl is Beautiful!!!!

    • DaveAmi

      We could do without the false modesty though. Does that look like a "regular" girl to anyone?

    • Jack


      • shawn

        Agree MOAR!!!! MOAR!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gern Blanston


    • Gern Blanston

      I seriously cannot get over this one….

    • tdr

      Even without the smokin' backside, your amazing smile does it all …

    • Wanderer092

      She is absolutely beautiful, in a "girl next door" kind of way 🙂

    • nomyia

      THAT is a regular girl? C'mon, your beautiful girl. If you got it, be proud.

      • nomyia

        you are a*

    • vinny

      absolutely beautiful seriously need to move somewhere to find a beautiful girl like this

    • TrollFaceKilla

      Another ass I want to stick my tongue in. Thanks chive

    • Sydnee

      Aww thank you so much! I really didn't think I was going to be posted. I just hope y'all enjoy it.

  • Long Duck Dong

    Yet again – another brilliant collection! Well done Chivettes!!

    • ROK

      the chive guys have created a monster they cannot hope to contain. and made the world a better place by doing so. nobel prize?

      • DaveAmi

        Here's to World Piece (of ass)!!!

    • Anonymous

      Best SC post, yet! Another lovely Friday surrounded by gorgeous women with sexy smiles – another record set. Thank you!

      • BloodScrubber

        So many stunningly beautiful women wrapped up in one post. Wow. Just wow.
        Great job Chivettes and thank you !

    • MOAR

      i kno i will get disliked for this but…

      dont get me wrong i fuckin love sexy chivettes but this gallery was not as good as usual

    • RGH

      I just love Fridays. Thank you Chivettes for making the appearance of the weekend even better. We love you!

  • bowhuntpa


    • Keith Piscitelli

      you are gay, ha ha ha…

  • jamison

    #49 I want to get lost in translation

    • one

      Good God 49!!!!!!

      • Rick

        Please post more #49. PLEASE

        • sid

          moar moar moar

        • Jay C

          OH MY GIDDY AUNT!!!!! IF there was EVER a need for MOAR its this chic right here!

      • Justin Hall

        I'm sad to admit that this might not be a real chivette.

        Bulgarian site. That picture above is shown there.


        • DCMOFO

          Nobody said porn stars can't be Chivettes.

          • MOP

            Until theCHIVE is in the picture I call BS

        • moop

          I still have hope she's a chivette and that there will be more

        • null

          she only said that the image was how it translates, not that it was her, technically. She may be shy….

          but yes, moar would be fantastic

    • ikeandmike

      holy mother of fuck

    • BigDingo

      Clearly deserving of her own post…

    • MMAN87

      A medal…. she deserves… oh yes! B)

      • Jim

        she's bound to have some serious lower back problems she deserves her own gallery for what she goes through to please all men (and women)

    • donny

      WE NEED TO SEE MORE OF SUPER BRA # 49!!!!!!!!!!

    • Arturo

      this is the sexiest so far! EPIC!!!

    • Derek

      Holy Mother of all that is large and bulbous…

  • markus

    #15 if you want redemption, well, I'll let the chivers help you out with that…

    • Myers

      Remove the damn sweatshirt under your bikini. Take photo

      • Michel Payette

        Better yet,
        1 – Remove sweatshirt
        2 – Hold bikini in one hand
        3 – Hold scissors in the other
        4 – Cut out the Maple Leaves
        5 – Stick to nipples
        6 – Snap picture 😀

        BTW, you're super hot 😉

        • MasonGWebbington

          Absolutely the smartest idea I have ever read…seriously, do all of that…

        • vinny

          fucking genius

    • Boris

      Full frontal pose in bra and panties, with the glasses.

    • andy

      what's up with the face she's making? its like a duckface, but more awkward looking

    • Scott

      You Have FAILED at your quest for redemtion

    • Nick

      She's so cute, and 15 is getting there, real close, but still needs to go a little to redeem herself if she wants anyone to think she's sexy.

      Call it Natalie Portman in Black Swan syndrome.

  • Ralph

    I would take #30 out for a nice seafood dinner.

    I would demolish #49, if permitted by her, in advance.

    • kyg

      And her husband…

      • Ralph

        He is not allowed to watch. We can send him out on errands. Have him pick up the condoms or something.

    • Sid

      How did #30 not make it before?

    • nepster

      …and NEVER call her again!


    The eyes on #31 ALL DAY

    • Jay

      all goddam day

    • This is Me

      Indeed, need more, and higher res so it can be clearly displayed on a large computer monitor all day

    • Malachi Constant

      She is fantastic, along with #45 and #71- dark haired beauties to die 4- and if any of the aforementioned ladies get my name reference please reply because I'm hung like a horse and I will rub your feet until u fall asleep every night…

    • Poot

      She tries too hard. Lacks sexiness.

  • aosux

    Fuckin Awesome!

  • joe

    thank you for that tush, #4!

    • P90


  • martin

    #10 I love cute girls hiding great boobs

  • Chivettes Rule!

    #30, #37, #49. That is all.

  • Giggity

    OMG Find #32 / #33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zart

      Maybe Evelyn Cates? But i'm not sure

      • kittyman

        definitely not evelyn cates. Doesn't have the same tattoos.

    • Phil

      Need PSNID NAOW!

    • AuSome

      lol psn id hahahaha damn sexy for sure wish i could hold what shes holding.

  • Omnomigon

    MOAR #49

  • Sullync

    #25 – You ROCK!! Thanks for keeping the rest of us safe!

    • Zoey

      I agree!

    • shamshe


      I just want to say Thank you!!!

    • ????

      tons of respect for #25. thank you for everything you do.

      • Philo


    • Dunny_

      I think she deserves her own post when she gets back from her deployment!

    • Solid Chiver

      Get home safe and send in those other pics !!!!

    • Maverick

      You got our support, from the USA to being a Chivette!!! thank you for all that you do…

      And big ups to Sullync for getting this up on the front page! well done!

    • Nate

      For sure for the win!!!! You are all the greatest over there no matter your looks! Thank you and god bless!!!

    • This is Me

      Amen to that — looking forward to seeing more

    • Troop&ChiveSupprtr

      *GAWD* what a cutie!! Military Chivettes deserve to be posted first

    • Sgt_Chive

      **Chive** when she gets home it'll be right around Memorial Day so I think it's only fitting that she be given her own post at that time. Let the countdown clock start now for the homecoming of MilitaryGal.

      • @The_Scofield_

        Agreed. And a star was born. Thank you, beautiful for all that you do and for still thinking of us lonely schlubs back in the States.

    • old vet

      Oh my lord! I deployed w/ an MP unit a cuple of times, many nice young patriots.

      Soldier you are doing a fine job keeping up the morale of your comrades, just by your smile.
      Keep your head down, listen to sarge, and come home safe.

    • cudaman


    • AuSome


    • tehflip

      thanks for your service, get home safe. we want MOAR!!!!!

    • flibertygiblet

      She gets my vote!

    • lonin

      I immediately scrolled down to comment when I saw your picture. Thank you, and come home safe.

    • Moose

      You are an amazing patriot; currently on at least two levels. Stay low to the ground with your eyes up, and come back safe.

    • Bruno

      Can't wait see your pics. THANKS for your service.

    • Chief Lightfoot

      GO Army HOOAH!! my retarted roomate says HUA but whatever, your the hottest Chivette for sure! get home, and stay safe!

  • hot carl

    Holy shit #8, my pants just burst into flames

    • Banjo

      If I could, I would give a million thumbs to #8 and #25.

  • ---=


  • MikeK

    I 3> sexy chivettes! :p

    • MikeK

      I mean, I ❤ sexy chivettes!!! xD

  • Ty Paige

    #8 yes uniform is good #20 i'm in love with this girl

    • theend81theend81

      I agree… in love with #20!

      • John Claffy

        Marla McLean, she is cute as hell.

        • 6655321

          I wonder if she'd marry me. Probably not, but it's fun to pretend.

        • Moose

          Good eye! And roger that.

  • jimbo


    • Eric in FC

      And "moar" is spelled "more."



      • yoav^^^

        not on the chive

        a Chiver

    • Ziggy

      She needs her own pic set. Please!

    • xtianity

      yeah…! she deserves her own gallery…..! Chive on!

    • Wilber


  • RiKo

    #37 #38 is she crazy?! she's extremely HOT! gorgeous lips..

    • newscot

      I'm sure she knows she's hot. Like most women, she just wants to be told she's hot.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        you'd be amazed how genuinely unsure of that many women are. they can be so much more self-critical than men.

    • Boris

      love the tiny toe.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    25, you win for serving our country. 64, wow. Can't get up from my desk now…

    Well done, all of you. (loud applause from the fans of the Chive)

  • mothball275

    #10 more please!

    • Karch


    • facebook

      her name is casia and she's from south carolina

      • 6655321

        South Carolina you say? Since I can read, she wrote "Canada" on her hand.

        • Becca

          my name is becca, and im from canada like it says 🙂

          • TommyFoolery

            Dear Becca,
            Please post more.

  • Derk3103

    Great Job….again

  • krisb

    This is actually better than porn I think. This gets me through the work week and into the weekend.
    #52 Erin Go Bragh baby.

  • Sooper Truper

    and moose knuckle #64 FTW

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