Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Bob

      First to your first!

      • Firstly


    • the Filthy Sanchez


  • Ken

    #19 Who…. is… she!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      January Jones

    • Joey Johnson

      January Jones, aka Emma Frost in the new X-Men

    • Bear

      Betty Draper

  • darthvehder

    #24 This entire week has just been a tidal wave of awesome. ❤ TheChive!

    • dur

      God, why haven't I moved to Brazil yet? There women are gorgeous, and the porn they make, oh so raunchy!

      • TheChipification

        is that kelly brook?

    • Matt W

      This is Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak (seriously) who won the 2008 Sloggi underwear best bottom award.

  • Mike

    Must see more of #3

    • Fign

      Ask your friend Google for "Bianca Beauchamp" and thou shall have it

    • gecko

      Biannca Beauchamp

    • Philthy

      This week has had a TON of Bianca Beauchamp photos! FTW!

    • Rob

      Bianca Beauchamp

    • Dan

      Subways: Foot long comercials for $5.00

  • Alec Ansusinha

    I love the end of the week

  • Lisa_Martin

    #48 is awesome. Knight in freaking beat up tore up paint whacked off bullet proof armor. Very cool. #30 is great too. Chocolate body suit? Ahhhhhhh.

    • boo

      I think you missed the reference. It's a "Boba Fett as a spartan" helmet. It was painted by the guy who made the helmets for 300.

      • Lisa_Martin

        Ah. I've seen some SCA fights. SCA is a group of people that recreate pre-17th century society. Knights in shining armor. Ladies wearing period costumes. Clove apples. The whole 9 yards. It's absolutely awesome. People really beat the hell out of each other. Gratuitous violence by really strong men and women. That helmet looks a lot like the ones people wear when they're fighting. It's beautiful. 😉 (I admit…the bullet mark doesn't fit that era…it's still beautiful

        Thank you for the explanation though boo. 😉

  • Frank

    #24 and #39 – I'm moving to Brazil.

    • Nicheal21

      You know thats right

      • V.A.

        39 is Alexis Lopez…. American if I'm not mistaken. But any excuse to move to Brazil, right?

    • qwerty

      2 girls 1 cup LIVE!!!!

    • Mmm

      The problem is there are men in Brasil, and they are just awful people.

  • Not Again

    #30 I didn't know we could order women chocolate dipped..

  • Robert Batson

    Good week. Chive On!

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  • Simon

    No matter how many times i watch #37 i keep laughing my ass off…

    • john

      you don't watch a picture, but it was the best I've seen in a long time

      • Simon

        maybe I "see" it so much that it becomes "watch"? idk.. Ecuadorean Chiver here :p

        • mclendonmeister

          Simon, you're actually correct. If you see an object for any duration of time you are actually watching it. It is a funny pic.

      • Charlie Sheen

        A real man takes pride in his Red WIngs badge of honor.

  • vicrom252

    #15 come at me bro

  • Charlie Makarov

    I must have missed some of these pics

  • vicrom252

    #30 Mmmm vaccume tight

  • Mau

    #3 will be my weekend wallpaper. Thxs chive.

    • mclendonmeister

      I'm gonna try that and see how long it takes for my wife to kill me.

    • ryeguy

      Got it saved as mine too and I don't care what the wife thinks!!!

      (Hope she didn't hear me say that out loud) HAHAHA!!!

      • ryeguy

        Showed it to my son today and his words were, " OMG daddy, those are some really big BOOBIES!"

        He is 6. Made me laugh.

  • Joe

    #44 Another front to find?

    • 1SicGsxr

      It's Alana Blanchard, she's a pro surfer.

  • Vic

    #39 WOW

    • WHO

      WHO IS THIS??????????????????????? I MUST KNOW!

    • crrobo

      This is 23 year old model and actress Alexis Lopez

  • Vic

    #15 Looks like a hollywood hit, can I write it

    • Terry Burke

      are kidding me? somewhere right now a LOTR geek is getting his ass kicked by a Star Wars fanboy

      • EUNICE!!!

        Bullshit!!! LOTR geeks play with real swords while Star Wars pussies play with flashlights and laser pointers.

        • Terry Burke

          flashlights that cut threw anything and laser pointers they blast peoples heads off. plus ya know Star Wars is better

  • cpizzle

    Shouldnt have feed it after midnight

    • guy

      damn it old bastard never told me that #46

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #20 way hot….thanks girl..

    • moeshere Foxdale

      LOL Yea I know, DUM ass….

  • Frankie

    #15 i just printed that at work and saved it in my wallet. too awesome

    • Schmuck

      #3 I just printed that at home and saved it in my wallet. too awesome

  • zero

    #20 is epic…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    OK OK lets try this again LOL…. #21 Way hot…thanks girl…dam finely…LOL

    • Luiza Luly Lelouch

      shes a cosplayer… tehres a girl like here in an animetion…

  • 6655321

    #46 scared me, then #47 gave me a boner and #49 made my pants damp.

    • guy

      #46 damn right ,#47 same here,#49 my pants are soaked!!!

  • Red Knight

    #48 mandelorian/ spartan helmet= awesome!!!

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