Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Frito_Pants

    Must get to Brazil soon.

  • Menhir

    #24 is Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak

    Google for Great Glory.

    • nepster

      my dear lord…thank you for that. You are now in the Top 3 of awesome people, right behind chuck norris and the world's most interesting man.

  • Firstly

    #49 Not hot. Fine, she's ok looking, but completely overrated.

  • Forrest Herron

    #6! My hometown!! Hattiesburg, Mississippi! I commend the person who took this shot! Southern Miss to the top!

  • Zee

    I checked the DAR before i left home… i just got home from the bar, druk out of me tree and the Chive has the Best photo of the weke posted.. THANKS YOU CHIVE!!!
    You are like the wife i never had…. I love you. you bring joy to my life every single fucking day.
    If you were a girl, i'd marry you.. but i dont kno wat you are Chive… are you some sort of God? what are you…..
    I relaize i should go back to bed and "cuddle" with this woman… but. i fak it!


  • Jay

    #3 " Yup, underwater his penis is this big."

  • kjetil

    #40 This bird has flown…

  • Rui Pinhal

    once more, a great set of pics

  • BloodScrubber

    #41 Reminds me I need to renew my NRA membership. Rock on Abe.

  • gecko

    #39 – MOAR

  • Dan Hewett

    if we could get s shot of #3 wearing #48 I'm pretty sure we could get the chive elected as god

  • moar

    #44 … that is all.

  • @txt2verse

    more of #3!!!

  • petewhip

    #49 most appropriate

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Pass, You Shall Not !


  • Edo

    I would love to hang out and have some beers with #7

    • comma

      i think i no her lmao

  • Reesty

    #10….its salt water

  • Ryan

    #21 is that jessica nigri AKA pikachu girl? *drool* um… I'm definitely going to ComicCon this year…

  • Diana Santos

    #20 looooooooooooool intersting ^_^

  • Shilling

    Why do people feel the need to lie about artwork to try and lay some kind of personal claim to it? It's a cool pic. Just leave it at that.

    That bathroom was the subject of a photo manipulation contest on

  • Jim

    Great week Chive.. Made work a lot less boring.. Keep it up

  • cosmic egg

    find him.

  • @importantcrap

    #24 – Winner. Doesn't even matter if there is a contest or not.

  • Some Guy

    I'm sorry, but #49 scares the hell out of me for some reason.

  • jack

    #39 chive on from brasil!!!

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