Ashley Ann Vickers is not hot in a subtle way (10 Photos)

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  • Rick

    Yeah, subtle as a sledgehammer…

  • Always Last


  • Anonymous

    She is so unbelievably hot, I can't believe my eyes. I'm drooling right now. Perfection. So much sexier than the majority of celebrities/models.

  • emma

    ok im a girl & even i think shes freakin gorgeous!!! she has really amazing legs & huuuge boobs lol. shes my girl crush, soo hot!!

  • Yin

    19 is the best one in my opinion

  • Vasconia

    Great ideas. I have learned a lot of these the hard way. I still get brlruy images so I like that tip about enlarging a photo on the spot.Happy Thanksgiving. Are you ready for a mild winter? I am. David/ 🙂

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