• Old man young pecker

    Women are whores for money and bring only vaginas to a relationship. The day someone makes a suitable android- you bitches are toast. And no I dont need you for conversation, or any of that- I have friends and a dog. I'm not bitter either, youre all just whores. Youre not equal, youre dumb and bad at sports.

  • MrCjv

    #13 To get that i'd have to leave my wife? Pleeeeeeeeeze. You can keep the old bag.

  • Ashly

    Really? Because my sister has to pay her ex-husband alimony even though she divorced him because he was screwing a teenage girl and beating my sister. So, it just isn't those lazy whores. Its those lazy ass, wife beating men as well.

  • What is

    I agree with ^^^

  • robiln

    Or Lazy no good husbands who want to party with their friends while their wives work!

  • Naba kumar pal

    I love japani girls

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