Last week, there were a few chicks you’d like us to find (24 Photos)

Be sure to check the DAR today. If y'all find these girls, I'll be sure to include them.

  • daniel

    #17 is…

    • I am Name

      Looks she was at Burning Man. I MUST GO!!

      • walt

        Have fun.. 99% of the people who are that naked are either 55+.. 200 lbs.. or with their ripped boyfriends (prob the guy behind the camera) not to mention the 100+ degree temps while trolling for a half decent piece of tail that isn't there with a boyfriend and doesn't have a long list of venerial diseases.. go to your local hotel near the bars and hang out at the ice machine.. you'll have much better chances than paying a grand or two to get out and survive burning man

    • Chris

      LMAO at the water-camo guy in the background. (Yes, it did take me a while to notice him.)

      • GI Joe

        That is a perfect pair of puppies….

    • Motte

      Kind of looks like Jennifer Anniston.

    • HelpingOut


  • drew

    #23 needs to clean her room she's hot room is a mess

    • @brokensocialste

      The poster suggests it's not her room, unless….


    • Lil Jon

      hOT (ROOM) MESS.

    • rdh014

      Silicone + anorexia = #23

    • dudeman

      Amber Stratton

      no anorexia, but she does own some silicone

    • Blackballs

      #23 is Amber Stratton

    • Logic76

      All hot chicks have messy rooms and bathrooms. It's a fact of life

  • Amelia Bedilia

    #16 is an EPIC "Find Her!"

    • lonin

      Nice picture reshuffle… #15

      • Anonymous

        No no, I think it's more appropriate now.

    • homie

      I'm sorry but she passed away

    • phondo

      This is truly funny. I hate the whole "well played" shit, so… good job.

  • franklin

    #16 Amelia Aerhart lol

    • Wayne Jackson

      wow, that went over someones head

    • BloodScrubber

      I did see on the news a while back they think they found (wholly or part of) her finger.
      Does that count?

      • GI Joe

        Or it could have been a turtle bone… they just don't know yet…but this was an epic "find her", you get two Internets.

    • Locode


  • Chris

    #11 #12 #13 and #14 all need to be found

    • newscot

      Pretty sure 11 is Bianca Beachamp

    • ????

      11 is bianca beauchamp, happy hunting.

    • Groober

      13 is little lupe, a pornstar…

      • TerryC

        13 is for sure not little lupe, in my opinion. Little Lupe face is ugly as hell and #13 is hot as hell. Different body all together also.

      • Mr. Sausage

        I second that. not little lupe. #13 is way hotter.

    • Mikey

      I really can't be sure but 12 looks like Annie Bullah. Babe.

  • Chris

    #1 is Susan Coffey.

    • Ben

      Yeah, didnt the chive do a whole gallery devoted to her last year? Short term memory loss?

      • Chris

        Haha yeah…and now I am head over heals for her. Thank you Chive for opening my eyes because that body is the truth.

    • Forrest Herron

      sincere thank you kind sir

    • its_forge

      And it looks like it might be a cropped dorsal shot which for Susan would be an amazing rarity as apparently she's extremely shy about showing the camera her bottom even though it's probably one of the ten most beautiful bottoms to ever be photographed ever in the history of ever. So, Chive, if you have the rest of the photo, dammit, SHOW IT.

  • lonin

    AMELIA! #16

    • Peyton

      This was pure genius. Congrats to the chiver who thought of this one

      • Bob

        …and I was like, EMILIO!!!!! (A Night at the Roxbury) LMAO

  • chrisdg74

    Gawd damn! #13

    • Urban

      Definitely worth finding her!

    • Rob_In_SF

      #13 certainly is smoking hot, but why is it an emergency? Was the guy in mid-jerk and needed a name to cry out?

  • Justin Hall


    Funny! This girl is picture 15, and she's literally 15 years old.

    • The Dude

      Again I go down to read some funny comments and there you are again complaining.

      • Justin Hall

        It's too cold out.

  • Carbomb

    #2 Jaime Edmondson is the only thing in Packers gear I have ever wanted to stare at!!

  • Bob

    #8 #15

    Epic… Epic…

    • Mat

      Anna Simon, Spain

    • TLJ

      The first one is Anna Simon

  • obscure high movies

    all of these chicks are smoking hot, but let's be honest…it's incredibly important to find #14, right?!

    • obscure high movies

      umm…yeah…chive pulled the rug out from under me. 14 was originally… …let's seriously find HER!

      • Dufius

        I support dudes supporting the cause of finding #14

    • Richard

      she's a chivette guys, just tell chive to look her up.

      • Justin Hall

        Unfortunately she's not … I put up the website she can be found on that sexy Chivers post obscure high movies put in in the gazillion comments made about that woman. I think some chivette took a picture of the bra and then submitted that picture as herself.

        Upon finding out, I died a little inside.

        • Chase

          Who the hell is this guy? Don't be a douche bro. And #14 FTW

        • The Dude

          Do you kill puppies in your spare time?

    • Tim

      Is this her too?

  • @importantcrap

    #24 – Damn.

    • Brad

      I remember this girl was found earlier but I don't remember her name…

      • The Dude

        Jaime Koeppe

    • chris

      where the cheek meets the wall, shop?

      • alister

        nope. its actually that awesome.

      • Duh


        • Marco Allende

          that is shopped but the real thing is actually much much nicer.

    • Dustin

      i think her name is jamie keoppe.

    • Theoneandonly

      That's Jamie Jacqueline Koeppe. She's Canadian but now lives in the states!

  • TMoney

    Come on guys — some of these are too easy.

    #2 – Jaime Edmondson (her name is even in the bottom right-hand corner!)
    #11 – Bianca Beauchamp
    #23 – Jaime Koeppe

    • TMoney

      Should be 24 Jamie Koeppe, not 23.

  • Tak

    #11 Looks like Bianca Beauchamp

    • Sid

      One of my personal goddesses. the things I'd do to her. . . .

  • figurefour

    There's something about #7 …

    • jonesy

      I'm pretty sure that's an old one of Madonna.

      • Bradley

        Maybe Brittany Murphy

  • Josh

    #9 is kinda creepy….someone took a screenshot of a show broadcast on BBC to find a girl in the audience. I wonder if it was the actual girl requesting more of herself….to get some publicity. Maybe an aspiring model. I would understand that more.

    • Phil

      I agree. She's hot, yes. But she's just a random audience member… what do they want, someone to go through Visa payments made for that show and then search all the girls and narrow the list down to find her?

      That said, I see some of the HOTTEST girls in the Top Gear audience… all the hotter because they're at a car show

      • Jay

        which episode is the cap from??
        cos I'm almost sure the same chick is on episode 1 of the new season 16….

    • Nik

      When I first saw #9 I thought they were looking for Jeremy Clarkson, then I noticed the arrows.

    • andysniper

      glad im not the only one who looks in the audience during the news and sirpc to see whos hot.

    • Tim

      #9 = Kelly Brook 🙂 Does anyone know who #12 is though cause so blows my mind

      • Adam

        I think she looks slightly like Kelly Brook, but I don't think its her.

    • Adam

      Yeah they push the hot ones to the front before they start filming I swear! Anyway how random is it requesting to find some chic in the background in a studio audience. I'm assuming she's not someone recognisable or famous? If the chive manage to find this chic i'll be totally astounded!

    • Freddy Stylez

      Damn, smart thinking.

  • JWW

    #11 is bianca beauchamp

  • hub

    Really? #2 has her name at the bottom right corner

  • ISU Birds

    #18 Nice to meet you………..I love you…………..I've said too much.

  • Andy

    This is Jamie Edmondson

  • Bianca

    #11 is Bianca Beauchamp

    • The Dude

      Kindof hard to tell without the latex

  • eastbaybear

    #2 is embarassingly easy, considering her name is on the picture

  • isawoj

    #7 is kroshka go

  • randomhero1218

    #15 Didn't we find her already? She's a 15 year old Norwegian chick that runs this blog

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